Marrying His Passion and Fashion – DJ Brodie Nero

Marrying His Passion and Fashion – DJ Brodie Nero

DJ Brodie Nero is a Toronto based DJ/Producer who was featured on MSF in 2014 when he won CPFW Model of the Year.

Despite the adversity we all faced during the COVID-19 lockdown, Brodie was able to use the isolation to his advantage. He instead used the opportunity to revert back to his roots and hone in on his musical talents of DJ’ing and producing.

“We are all called to pursue and create something in this lifetime. Most of us know what that dream/calling is but it can be a challenging journey so many fold and settle. I’m simply way more scared of living a boring life than I am chasing my dream to be a successful DJ and music producer.”

Marrying His Passion and Fashion - DJ Brodie Nero

Music Is A Commitment

After deciding to commit full time to his music, it was time for a re-launch and rebrand which is quintessential in the current economic climate.

“I feel like my style is constantly evolving. I typically like to keep it simple and comfortable. I was mostly into hiphop/r&b growing up, so elements of that culture definitely influence my current style choices. Although the style is important, comfort is also as important with this DJ lifestyle. I like to make sure I incorporate both, especially when performing.”

5 style tips I live by:

  1. Capsule Closet- a solid selection of luxury pieces you can use as staples and mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. I.e. Hat, belt, sunglasses, sneakers.
  2. Always wear high and low. It’s never a good idea to be completely dripped out in designer, it takes away from its effect and looks tacky.
  3. Neutral colours are essential. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bold pop of colour but day to day neutrals are simple and sleek.
  4. Jewellery. Especially custom. Invest in yourself, I just got my custom logo put on a chain.
  5. Get yourself a fresh cut when it matters or a dope hat if you don’t have the time before a big event.

Marrying His Passion and Fashion - DJ Brodie Nero


Photography: Courtney Alexander
Stylist: Raquel Nero

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