Maintaining a good look and putting together an eye-catching ‘drip’ is an ever-important requirement for most individuals. Getting it right is not that difficult if you have a decent fashion sense and know what works on what occasion.

However, when a formal or semi-formal fit is required and temperatures start rising, things can get difficult. Don’t worry though, as this article has got you covered. Here we will give details on getting the best men’s summer suits in the current market.

It would be best if you looked spot on while keeping cool in your summer suits. Suits may typically be worn indoors or ideally in pleasant weather conditions. But when warm weather comes around, you need that perfect suit to keep you cool, while also looking cool.

Staying cool while wearing a suit may not seem practical, but that is where a summer suit helps. Factors like breathable fabrics, lighter colours, and switching up your style will keep you cooler and sweat less in a warmer season.

A typical heavy wool suit is what men wear in favourable weather conditions or for indoor gatherings. Going for suits with a different fabric in the summer helps sweat less and look sharper.

Summer Suits and Fabrics

Heavy Wool Suit

This is a big no if you do not want to regret wearing a suit in the summer. Everything’s going to go wrong:

  • The heat will feel worse.
  • Your style of choice will probably be the odd one out in the room.
  • You will not enjoy the party or occasion you attend.

Not a good idea, in short.

However, apart from summer suits, woollen suits are quality options for winter or regular professional attire as well. You can search for them at a well-reputed brand’s store.

Linen Suits

A linen suit might be the ideal summer suit. The fabric is reputed to be lighter than most other options, its breathable nature tailored to keep you cool for whatever duration you wear it. Furthermore, a properly tailored linen suit is really thin yet strong.

Heat naturally experiences conductivity with the fabric and will easily be drawn away from you. In case you do sweat, a linen suit dries out quickly due to its inclusion in light and breathable fabrics.

In addition to a linen suit, you can also find linen shirts and pants. Rocking a full linen suit might be the ideal summer fit for you. Since the fabric is meant to keep you cool, wearing slim suits will not be a problem: it will not make you feel wrapped up.

A small problem may present itself for men who emphasize wearing wrinkle-free suits. Since a pure linen suit is lighter and thinner than others, it gets wrinkled up more easily. To counter this, you can opt for linen blends, such as a cotton linen blend.

Cotton Suits

Another popular summer suit fabric pick can be cotton. Being soft and breathable, cotton will keep you way cooler than options like wool, for example. People are normally accustomed to wearing cotton shirts and t-shirts: the suit experience is somewhat similar.

The fabric does, however, come with a downside. It retains sweat, or moisture in general, more than other fabrics and will take a while to dry out if you get sweaty at an outdoor gathering in warm weather or while dancing all out at a crowded party.

Cotton can be found in various styles. One of these is seersucker, cotton woven in a thin striped pattern with visibly raised wrinkles or puckers. Although this style makes the fabric look more wrinkly, it allows more airflow, making it more breathable and better than other cotton styles for the heat.

Poplin is another simple cotton weave. It is woven in a simple, tight manner, giving the cloth a smooth feel.

Madras is another cotton variant with Indian origins. It is known for distinct, bright colours, but that is not all. Since it is woven from thin, combed cotton, the resultant fabric is lightweight and breathable.

Cotton seems like a good summer suit option: make sure you stay dry.

Tropical Wool Suits

Wool on its own may not be cut as a fabric worn in the summer heat. But tropical wool is something created for summer fits. Typically, wool keeps you warm since it is tightly knitted and naturally works as an insulator. The resultant products are sharp to look at but not ideal for your summer style.

Tropical wool, though, is a loosely knit variant of woollen clothing. It will make you feel a whole lot more comfortable than putting on a woollen suit in the summer, but also bring that elegant woollen wear style to your dressing.

Summer Season Fashion: Switch Up, Stay Sharp

Changing a few things in how you dress can completely change your summer suit experience. Break a few dressing traditions, maybe, and go all out.


Summer colours are a thing. Wear light colours: pastels, that do not absorb much heat and help you stay cool. A light shade of blue, pink, or even white will be a good option for a comfortable summer suit.

Dressing Style

summer suit

Consider changing what you wear with your suit. You could go with a casual look if going formal does not matter. Wear a round-neck t-shirt under your suit jacket maybe. Another idea could be opting for a comfortable pair of trousers that can stretch easily rather than slim, restricting suit pants with a matching suit jacket on top—a great semi-casual look.

A tailored slim fit suit certainly looks sharp, but if you want to feel comfy, maybe let go of the slim fit requirements.

A Cool Summer Fit Summed Up

We have rounded up the key factors to consider when looking for a quality summer fit. Look out for these details when browsing a brand’s webpage. When looking for a men’s suit for the summer season, change things up. A bright colour, light jacket, breathable fabric, and a pair of pants that are not too tight, and you are good to go!

Choose a reputable brand like Flex Suits for your purchase. A suit from a well-known brand is likely to deliver what it advertises and lasts longer.