The Dress Slipper – Smart And Casual Shoe

The Dress Slipper – Smart And Casual Shoe

dress slippers for men

The Dress Slipper

It may not quite be Shakespeare and I may be borrowing this from someone (apologies whoever you are) but my motto has always been: shoes maketh the man. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing the sharpest bespoke suit, the most original print tee, the best selvedge denim money can buy, if the shoes aren’t right the rest of your outfit merely becomes a by-word for sartorial deprivation.

So often men let themselves down with their choice of footwear, yet almost like a mantra for life itself, if you keep things simple you cannot – and will not – fail.

Do not think too fashiony – a terrible, contrived phrase I know but it suits the over evaluating of what you wear and the sense that if you are not part of the zeitgeist you are somehow failing to be at the cutting edge of fashion. And if you do want to be part of the moment, you can still succeed with the simplicity is genius rule.

The History of the Dress Slipper

The irony is that one of the most popular trends doing the fashionista rounds at present actually dates back to Prince Albert, the mid-1800’s and the shoes that were named after the husband of Queen Victoria. From classic brands such as Stubbs & Wootton, Church’s and the famous Gucci Horse-bit loafer to the contemporary connoisseurs including Del Toro and Alexander Mc Queen, the dress slipper has become de rigueur for the suave and style conscious man the world over.

The dress slipper ticks all the boxes: it’s smart but can be worn casually, it’s of the moment but has its footprints firmly immersed in history and whatever your body shape, it has that svelte like elegance to its shape which will only enhance your own silhouette.

I’ll certainly be feeling like the man about town wearing my patent leather pair come the Christmas party.

ryan gosling red socks dress slipper at Drive movie premiere

Ryan Gosling, embracing the red slipper trend

men wearing dress slippers

It’s a very versatile shoe

Orange dress slippers with laces

Loving these, orange and all.

etro men's - dress slippers

Etro dress slipper

Chace Crawford - Dinner suit with dress slipper

Nice touch to your dinner suit

braces green velvet dress slippers - Men Style Fashion

It’s in how you wear them that will tell your style

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