The Killers – Their Career and Style

The Killers – Their Career and Style

Brandon Flowers The  Killers Lead Singer

The Killers

The Killers are currently celebrating their first 10 years of glory in the music business by releasing “Direct Hits”, a collection of some of their classics. The video for “Just Another Girl”, one of the two previously unreleased tracks contained in the album, where Glee actress Dianna Agron is nicely impersonating Brandon Flowers’ several change of looks across his whole career, underlines that the leader of the Las Vegas rock ‘n roll quartet is not only a well-established rock star but also a style icon.

When their debut album came out, back in 2004, Brandon and his band definitely generated a “Hot Fuss” by merging together indie rock melancholic songs such as “Smile Like You Mean It”, which was also featured in teen drama “The O.C.”, and electro influenced, dance floor friendly tracks as “Somebody Told Me”. At that time, Mr Flowers was pretty caught up in his “Mr Brightside” character considering he was mostly wearing flashy dinner suits with a touch of “glamorous indie rock n roll” by using eyeliner, David Bowie style.

Brandon Flowers The Killers Lead Singer

Two years later, The Killers were back on the scene with “Sam’s Town”. Their sophomore LP represented a departure from the new wave sound and the Las Vegas party anthems that marked out their first effort. Here, the atmosphere got dusty and wild as their beloved Nevada desert, lyrics became deeper and heartfelt, and music sounded more genuinely rock, no auto-tune allowed. Even Brandon style developed according to the decadent and darker spirit of the album. He started to grow up a pair of mustache in order to get a scruffy cowboy look and adopted a new uniform, which was mainly composed of a white shirt, a black suit, boots and, of course, the distinctive Kentucky bow tie that made him look like a chic version of a “gypsy mariacho”.

Brandon Flowers The Killers Lead Singer

In 2008 The Killers made the whole world guessing “are we Human or are we dancers?” with their new single. The “Day & Age” album was a brand new musical journey for the band. They really wanted to have fun this time, so they opted to soften the rock band reputation built with “Sam’s Town” by watering it down with joyful electro pop beats and playful lyrics as we can hear from “Spaceman”, which can be considered as the perfect example of the peculiar sound of their third studio album. Also Brandon’s wardrobe was clearly affected by the experimental mood that the band was musically enjoying: who doesn’t remember the iconic feathered jacket that Dior Homme created for the leader of The Killers and that is now displayed as a memorabilia at the Hard Rock Cafès around the world?

Brandon Flowers The Killers Lead Singer

After realizing a solo album in 2010, “Flamingo”, Brandon joined once again the rest of the band for the The Killers fourth studio album: “Battle Born”. The latest effort of the Vegas quartet is not as experimental as “Day & Age”, nor as fresh as “Hot Fuss”, yet not as cryptic as “Sam’s Town” but, nonetheless, it surely is a good contemporary rock album. According to the rock vibe of “Battle Born”, Brandon has come back with a slick hairstyle, a tough black biker jacket and a vintage looking star print shirt from Levi’s Made and Crafted.

Brandon Flowers The Killers Lead Singer


If you are feeling Brandon Flowers’ dinner suits from “Hot Fuss” era, all you have to do is hitting the nearest Tom Ford shop and pick up one of his bold, lavish tuxedos. Denim Jacket and Plaid Shirt: in case you got caught up in the hipster “crossfire” Brandon sparkled with his solo album and you want to emulate his style, what you need is a solid blue denim jacket and a plaid shirt…you can add a pair of suspenders as well…if you dare!

Brandon Flowers The Killers Lead Singer

Biker Jacket

As we all know, biker jackets are currently one of the most popular fashion trends and, being the leader of a rock band, Mr Flowers could hardly resist it. However, he found a very original way to wear it: put on a black suit and replace the blazer with a leather biker jacket to add a rock star twist to your formal attire. Mustache: although movember is over there is no need to get rid of your ‘stache, especially if you are willing to look like Brandon Flowers during his “Sam’s Town” scruffy days.

Brandon Flowers - the Killer Black leather jacket

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