Today it is almost impossible to imagine gambling establishments, both land-based and on the world web, without music. Music affects more than just human physiology. As practice shows, musical accompaniment in gambling establishments plays an important role in creating a special atmosphere for which players go there. Even in the very first casinos in the south of Italy, gamblers enjoyed the music. The invited street musicians played simple songs so that the guests would not be bored. The first gambling houses were available in the sixteenth century. And since then, for more than four hundred years, the musical accompaniment has been chosen from ready-made melodies following fashion trends. But in the twentieth century, when psychology became the most developed science, they began to write individual melodies. The thing is that professional psychologists have found out how different music affects the mood and behaviour of people. Since then, world casinos have taken tracks for their halls very seriously. When choosing this or that track for non gamstop casinos, different points are taken into account.

What points do online casinos take into account when choosing a particular musical composition?

Many years ago, experts proved the fact that certain melodies impact raising the mood. It’s all about hormones: when you sound a certain type, our brain produces the hormone serotonin (hormone of happiness). Scientists are still studying this topic! Marketers from all over the world are happy to use their discoveries. That is why casino music can cause a feeling of euphoria and make you come back again and again. Moreover:

  • It is necessary not only to improve the mood of customers but to support it. So that overly cheerful people do not interfere with other visitors. Therefore, some of the melodies serve to calm the players;
  • If you have ever visited the halls with slot machines, you probably know that the playlist there goes in a circle. It is not because the organizers of such games have no imagination. Music played in a circle increases focus and concentration. If the sound effects change frequently, then the opposite effect occurs;
  • Have you ever noticed that a certain product you remember solely because of the music in the advertisement? The same principle works with games. If each game is awarded some sticky melody, then every time this tune plays in your head, you remember the game unconsciously. No deposit bonus uk selects the music in the same way. With the right melody, a brand can become recognizable and win the gamblers’ attention;
  • Music can get bored anyway, even if it is the calmest. That is why certified psychologists choose the tracks for global casino brands. They sound as unobtrusive as possible and, conversely, reveal the client’s interest in the establishment.

Sometimes eminent composers are invited to write melodies for games. One of these is Jeri Martin. He has written many tracks for classic games and is considered the most sought-after specialist in the field. He conducted his research, in which he found that the best melodies for games are minimalist compositions with a light mood and a small set of instruments in the sound. Such tracks maintain interest in the game but do not bore or distract the gamer.

Music in a Casino: the Experience of World-Famous Establishments

A characteristic feature of music in almost all gambling establishments is optimism, enthusiasm, and fun. It allows visitors to have a great time and enjoy the process of the game. But at the same time, the guest should focus on poker, roulette, or blackjack. Changing the gamblers’ mood is an essential characteristic of casino music, as people will spend more money listening to fun songs than slow and lyrical ballads. One of the distinctive features of Las Vegas casinos is that they have a one musician playing an instrument every night. It can be either Calvin Harris or singer Celine Dion, or little-known musicians who know how to play the right casino music. The casino administration is responsible and scrupulous about the choice of music, especially given the high status of visitors. But the music never turns on very loudly, and it only acts as a background addition to the gameplay. It makes the atmosphere not boring but as festive as possible (not annoying).

Tired of music? – There are a couple of great solutions!

But no matter how good the melody is, everyone can get tired of constant sounds. This point was taken into account by the owners of top online casinos. Every gambling site has an option to turn off the music or sound in the game. It allows online gamblers to break from music and start their next game (online poker or roulette) with renewed vigour. It is for this option that many gamblers especially value online casinos. If we are talking about land-based gambling houses, then the client cannot control the music there. But avid gambling addicts have found a simple solution: many take their players with headphones or ordinary earplugs to the casino, which allow them to switch from a piece of general background music to an individual one. This solution is popular among casino patrons in the United States of America.

Finally: Musical Accompaniment as an Important Part of Casinos’ Work

Music accompaniment in casinos is becoming a certain marketing tool. The myths about the hypnotic effect of music are greatly exaggerated, but melodies can change the mood and behaviour of people, creating the most comfortable atmosphere. It makes it possible to improve customer service. In the case of local casinos, during the daytime, the administration plays more relaxed lounge music, popular in the 1950s and 1960s. The music written during this period is very light and unobtrusive. At night, more dynamic music is usually turned on to create a party atmosphere. And during the day, guests can relax while playing light compositions. If you look at the top slots, you will also hear music of this kind.