There is a common misconception to think that women pay more attention to details in fashion. Are they better at styling than men? Every guy has been there, scrolling through an online website not knowing what to buy. It’s crucial to take the time to think about the pieces of clothing you would want to put together. The seasonal trends can guide you, of course. However, there are some hidden fashionable details or items which you have entirely ignored.

With the rising temperature comes accessories, a decrease in layers, the birth of patterns and textures. In other words, it’s natural to feel lost. Lucky for you, we have piled up a list of the stylish things you need to keep an eye on and include in your wardrobe!

  1. In-fashion Glasses
  2. Floral Shirts
  3. No Bare Ankles
  4. Strap Watch
  5. Sneakers

In-Fashion Glasses

Did you happen to keep up with what’s in for summer? If you missed the memo, you have probably realized by now that this year is all about a high-function vibe. However, you might need one thing to accompany you before you start your day out in the sun. What are the best men’s glasses for this year?

Now that we’re slowly getting back to our lives, we embrace the energy coming our way. However, many of you still can’t believe how eyewear can add value to your outfit. We know that glasses are part of fashion, so trends are all about wearing timeless designs with a modern twist.

The runways paid tribute to the 70s with retro-round. Also, you can witness angular aviators and oversize shapes with a stunning finish. In addition, we saw a massive trend in sportswear, specifically tennis-inspired outfits. So, why not continue with that by rocking a sporty spec around your eyes?

Many favour sunglasses over eyeglasses. But, people fail to realize how eyeglasses can be stylish too. But, it all comes down to your personal taste and how you choose to stand out from the crowd. So, how about purchasing one of those statement-making frames?

Fashion Eyewear for men

Floral Shirts

Who said floral is strictly for the Spring season? Just like eyewear, designers decided to go back to the past and take us with them to the 70s. Floral shirts have been THE trend for the past five years, and there are no signs of stopping in 2021.

Many people think that it’s a feminine print. They are obviously mistaken. They can be tough to style, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them out. Some like to call them vacation shirts. As their nickname suggests, they are perfect for vacations, pool parties or backyard hangouts.

men floral shirt

Everyone from Tom Ford to Burberry made sure to include them in their fashion show. We highly recommend you wear them with plain shorts or pants. You may find it challenging to get out of your comfort zone with floral prints. But, we’re sure you can find the design which will blend in well with the rest of your outfit.

No Bare Ankles

Remember last year how pants were shorter and men did not really pay attention to socks? Unfortunately, we’re taking a detour for this year because 2021 is all about banishing the ankles! Although the trend started back in 2010, it is sad to say that showing your ankles has reached the expiration date.

For years, men went sockless everywhere. Whether with denim jeans or a nice tailored suit, soon enough, you’ll realize that this guy is not wearing any socks. Designers are becoming creative when it comes to putting out a sock line. Dress codes, even in workplaces, are leaning towards what is more comfortable.

So, if you feel like you are running low on socks, you might want to do some shopping. Of course, we’re not technically asking you to spend 100.000$ on Gucci socks like Future. Instead, treat yourself with a pair that will help complete the message you wish to convey with your final look.

Strap Watch

We’re going back to fashionable accessories. Let us ask you about your thoughts on strap watches. We know that sweat is a significant issue in summer. Some men just avoid putting any accessories on in order not to feel the heat. However, what you might be avoiding is actually more than just an “accessory.”

Strap watches add style, detail, texture and a pop of colour for the rest of your outfit. Ignore the leather or metal material. Try to go for ones that allow you to change straps. It will be easier for you to coordinate the watch based on the overall colours of your outfit. So next time we see you, just know we will be asking you about the time.


Now that we talked about accessories and clothing, it’s time to move to our last pick of the day: footwear. The greatest thing about sneakers is the diversity of colours and designs. You may not know this, but the choice of shoes is honestly the one variable that can help you move from casual to classy in an instant.

We can allow you to go full-on bare ankles mode. Should you wish to go for a low-angle sock, you can too! You may not know this, but women tend to notice the shoes you’re wearing from the second you step foot into that door. So, why not let them witness the stylish ones on you?

Nike React Miler

Nike React Miler – Credit: Nike


After passing through a tough year, it is no surprise that 2021’s Spring/Summer fashion trends are all about hope, bright colours and optimism. So, although we’ve all spent time locked up at home, why not introduce yourself back into the world with a better sense of clothing?

Dare to be bold and twist things around, be edgy and be YOU!