The Muddlers Club Restaurant in Belfast Reviewed

The Muddlers Club Restaurant in Belfast Reviewed

Before entering The Muddlers Club in Belfast, the locals informed me to brace myself, as the food was going to be a real treat. I would highly recommend asking a local to escort you there, because it is in an alleyway and it must the smallest restaurant signage I have ever seen. The sign is so small, it made me ponder that this place gives out a clear message. We are so good, who needs a sign after all.

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I didn’t know what the owner, Chef Gareth looked like, but I took an instant liking to one of the chefs behind the open air kitchen. His hair was slick, grey and long. I also noticed his tattoos and a real cheeky smile that welcomed me. I decided to sit as close as possible ,so I could continue to learn about the man himself. In no time at all, manager Garry gave me a nice Champagne and a book informing me of some of the finest chefs in Belfast. Whilst flicking through the book, I instantly recognized that the very man who seemed to be the most relaxed chef I have ever seen, was master chef Gareth himself.



My parents come from the Puglia area. So I was proud to taste the wine from that region and it was strong and very nice with my meals.


Restaurant Trends In Belfast


For entree I had Short Rib, Lasagna and Truffle. Coming from an Italian background, I have to say it smelt and tasted delicious.

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Main Course

I am not a fan of venison so I thought I would try it. So I chose venison, parsley root, salt baked beets and bitter cherry jus. The venison was like ice cream, it just simply melted in my mouth. the combination was perfect.

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Very entertaining to watch Gareth at work. So make sure you ask for a front seat table.



New on the menu was pear, maple and white chocolate. So once again very light on the pallet but so yummy. I wish I could ask for more. The dessert wine was just divine.

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The atmosphere is great and very laid back. The locals warned me that I would return and I have to say.  Just seeing the guys at work including Gareth’s hairstyle it’s a must return.  Here are some other dishes to choose by. Big thank you to Garry who was ever so sweet.



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