8 Best Stag Do Games to Play While Drinking

8 Best Stag Do Games to Play While Drinking

A break from the routine is always necessary. After a long week of being indoors or working from morning to evening, there is no better time to catch up with buddies than the weekend. You need to have some fun and relax. But will chit-chatting with a glass in your hand be enough to light up the moments? No. And I concur with you. Without a second thought, stag games will transform the party.

Now you got an idea of what to do to bring the party spirit. Nonetheless, you must be very careful with your picks lest you water down the event instead.  The games you played during childhood were interesting, but you are not going to try any of that during a drinking party. That is why we have prepared for you the most exciting stag do games which will distinguish men from boys. For each stag, there are items required, and rules of play must be observed. If you need more tips on how to throw a stag party visit engog.co.uk

Noteworthy, while having all the fun playing these games, caution must be exercised to avoid any possible injuries. With this in mind, let’s now take on the original games.


Ring of fire

What you need:

  • King’s Cup
  • Deck of cards
  • Variety of drinks

Game rules: There are many variants of this game, out of which you can choose one depending on your crew. However, the standard law requires players to encircle the King’s Cup- a large cup or glass full of booze. A card containing a task is pulled out, and each player should perform the stated mission. For any mistake, the person takes a drink. All the tickets should have different challenges. Despite the varying game rules, the result is always a bunch of drunk fellows. Settling on the regulations before beginning will help eliminate any conflict. Creating them on your own or searching online works perfectly.

Flip Cup

What you need:

  • Cups
  • Drinks

Game rules: The game is suitable for a large group. You form two teams, and each sits on the opposite side of the table. The cups are filled with drinks and placed in front of each contestant. You can pick numbers, and the first player from each team downs their drink. The players then attempt to flip the empty cups so that they land upside down. A player is deemed successful when the cup sits on the table with the open end facing down. When the first person is done, the second player follows suit until the last member. The team to finish flipping first wins the game.

Drunk Jenga

What you need:

  • Jenga
  • Creativity

Game rules: Creatively write tasks on the individual blocks then build a Jenga. A player will then pull out a single block with the utmost precision and complete the challenge written on it.  A slight mistake can pull the tower down, and the one responsible must clear his/her drink.

God Save the Queen

What you need:

  • A penny

Game rule: At the start, you need a volunteer to be the keeper of the penny, and the other friends continue drinking as usual. The volunteer should hunt for a new custodian of the penny by dropping it into the drink of an unsuspecting fellow (the person must be holding the glass). Once the penny is your glass, you must drink until you reach its level and save the queen. Once you save the queen, you can sing the National Anthem if you choose to then the cycle continues.

Peer Pong

What you need:

  • Cups
  • Drinks
  • A ping-pong ball

Game rules: This stag do is also regarded as sports with World Championships being held in Las Vegas annually. Using the cups, set a triangle at the one end of the table and another at the opposite end (a ping-pong table serves best). Pour a little drink in each cup, and now in two groups, take turns throwing a ping-pong ball into the opponents’ cups. If a team scores, the opponents must be down their drinks, and the play continues. The more you lose, the more you drink, which further ruins your ability to play. The outcome, in most cases, is the trolleying of a majority. Note: the type of drink you choose determines how long the game can be played depending on the players’ tolerance.

Dirty Pint

What you need:

  • Beer glasses
  • A coin

Game rules: All players fill their glasses to a certain level with drinks. In turns, each player tosses the coin and guesses whether it will be a head or a tail. Making a wrong guess means you have to clear what is in your glass. It requires some luck to be on the safe side; otherwise, you might not be able to walk home after the party.


What you need:

  • Just the players

Game rule: As a classic, even the best person gets outsmarted. You need to select one person who will be the leader referred to as ‘Thumbmater.’ After he is chosen, he solely determines when to start the game. Whenever the game leader places his thumb on the end of the table, every other player must copy the action. If you fail to concentrate and focus on the Thumbmaster, you might be caught off-guard and be the last to follow suit. Whoever is the last takes their drink.

Shot Roulette

What you need:

  • At least four shots for each player

Game rule: From the bar, get at four shots (2 filled with the drink of your choice and 2 filled with water) for each person in the party. Put all the shots in a commonplace and mix up the glasses. Now the players will have to choose their shot glasses randomly. You then take your drinks simultaneously till the last glass. The poor lad who gets four glasses of drinks without water will be in trouble. Note: The alcohol must be clear to avoid distinction from water.


Stag do games offer a fantastic way to create memories while at a drinking party. The games are simple and do not require any sophisticated equipment and therefore, can be played at any place. Only remember that you can wake up with missing eyebrows!

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