Located along the bank of Chao Phraya River, The Peninsula Bangkok offers an excellent view whilst eating at the Thiptara restaurant. The surroundings are stunning here and there is even a small herb garden included in the grounds. This herb garden is a beautify way to understand the core ingredients that go into the traditional Thai dishes.

I was really taken back by the views overlooking Bangkok and the river traffic is a fantastic way to appreciate the water activities that happens both during the day and night on the Chao Phraya River. The Thiptara restaurant has an outdoor wooden setting with a terrace along the river. There are also covered outdoor areas which are great for when it rains.


I was greeted by Thai chef Chamnan Thepchama, his vibrant personality and passion for food was a wonderful introduction to what was to come. Mr Chamnan Thepchama has been cooking at The Peninsula Bangkok for the last 17 years. He showed me his wonderful herb garden which is his source for some of the food cooked here at Thiptara. I learnt so much here and would encourage anyone to take the time to be shown around the garden. This gave me a real respect of what goes into the dishes and smelling some of the most amazing herbs in the world was an unforgettable experience.

16 Dishes – Two 8 Course Menus

I was here with my partner and between us we had two menus which consisted of eight dishes each. Along side each dish I was given both red and white wine which were made Thai wines. The dishes overall were presented wonderfully and the color, texture and smells were truly wonderful. Each of the dishes was unique and can only be experienced here at The Peninsula Bangkok.

Here is the menu that was offered to us and the food, atmosphere and staff made it an unforgettable experience.

Menu One – Thiptara


  • Khong Wang Ruam Rod – Grilled prawns with pomelo fruit salad & Vegetable golden bags

  • Marinated pork satay with peanut sauce

  • Tom Yum Goong – Traditional spicy soup with prawns, mushrooms and lemongrass

Main Meal

  • Pla-Hi- Ma Sam Rod – Deep fried snow fish wit spicy sweet and sour sauce
  • Gaeng Phed Ped Yang – Roasted duck simmered in red curry, sweet basil
  • Hoi Shell Yang – Roasted scallops with Thai herbs served with lemongrass dressing
  • Phad Phak-Ka-Na Kab Hed – Wok fried kales and straw mushrooms, garlic and oyster sauce

  • Khao Klong Rue Khao Suay – Organic whole grain rice and Jasmine rice


The Thai mango and sticky rice served with coconut milk was yummy, it was the best I have ever had.

Menu Two – Ruenthip


  • Laab Moo – Spicy minced pork salad with shallot and mint leaves. This one is only for the ones that love hot food, just look at the chillies and peppers in here.

  • Tom Kha Gai – Citrus flavoured coconut soup with chicken and galangal

Main Course

  • Goong Nueng Sa Moon Prai – Steamed river prawns with Thai herbs
  • Gai Phad Med Ma Muang – Wok fried chicken with capsicums and cashew nuts
  • Gaeng Khua Nua Yang Bai Cha Plu – Yellow curry with grilled beef rump, turmeric, coconut milk and betel leaves from the garden
  • Phad Phak Boong – Wok fried morning glory with oyster sauce and chili

  • Khao Klong Rue Khao Suay – Organic whole grain rice and Jasmine rice


Tab Tim Siam – Ruby water chestnuts in coconut milk and syrup

Children’s Menu

I had my two girls and Thai chef Chamnan Thepchama knew exactly how to cater for them. My biggest challenge when touring with my girls was finding food that they will explore and not fear the word SPICY. Using traditional Thai touches to the food, Thai chef Chamnan Thepchama reassured them that the dishes were NOT SPICY. My girls explored a new way of eating Thai food and they loved it and most of all the liked Thai chef Chamnan Thepchama. The dishes they had were chicken Satay, fried shrimp balls and seafood fried rice.

My children loved the traditional music being performed


The staff at Thiptara were professional, relaxed and catered to our specific needs. They were excellent with my girls who had a very long day of travelling from Vietnam and were very hot and bothered. Thiptara is a family friendly environment at which my girls explored the beautiful surroundings. Most of all they loved the food and the people serving them. I came and left by boat so make sure you do this it is truly a wonderful way to enter the restaurant. You don’t have to book the private boat it goes every 10 minutes or on demand. Thank you for a wonderful eating experience.


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