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This is going to be a very short article because we’ll be delving into math, so no time for long stories. Going straight to the point, we’ve heard these words many times: “Never give away your personal power”. Well, this holds true for style, as well. Guys, never give up your sense of personal style and if you haven’t yet got one, then-please-get-one. A confident demonstration of style is a powerful personal statement. Too often, men forget the SQ component of the attraction equation. Simply put, EQ + IQ + SQ + PQ = MQ.

Here is how I arrived at my solution:

  • EQ=Emotional Quotient
  • IQ=Intelligence Quotient
  • SQ=Style Quotient
  • PQ=Power Quotient
  • MQ=Male Quotient (a man who is irresistible)

Therefore, if you were to rate your quotient (or be rated) on a scale of 1-20 (with 20 being the maximum score for any given quotient), you would find that your irresistibly (or lack thereof) would increase (or decrease) in direct proportion to your scores for each “Q” factor. The higher your quotient, the more irresistible you are.

Now, what are the implications of this for style & grooming? It means that rather than continuing to neglect the role that personal style plays in creating a positive image of who you are as a person, why not aim to increase your MQ by capitalizing on the benefits that you gain from maximizing your SQ (among others). There’s really not much else to say. I told you this would be a short one. Why? Because the magic is not in the words, it’s in the quotient. Increase your “Q” factor, and watch your “MQ” skyrocket!


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