Teddy Boy Look – How To Make It Work

The past few seasons, A-lister celebrities on the red carpet, models on the catwalks and stylish men across the metropolis of the world, suggest that the infamous Teddy boy look of the 50’s, oozing teenage angst and street style cool is making a loud comeback.

As teenagers of every generation act as the frontrunners of the freshest trends and fashion, in the 1950’s it was the elusive Teddy Boys who generated buzz with their unique sense of style. In the past few seasons we have noticed the resurgence of the Teddy boy look with celebrity followers such as Alex Turner and Justin Timberlake. Whether it’s the quiff hairdo, crisp open white collar shirts, sleek leather jackets or leather brogue shoes, the Teddy Boy look is definitely making an explosive comeback.

One of the innovations of the Teddy boy movement, is that they were the first who made it ok to make an effort and dress up or pay attention to grooming in their casual every day outfits. In contrast with the usual teenage boy fashion budget, their wardrobe was often tailor made and thus expensive which is why Teddy boys used to pay off their fashion debt in weekly installments in exchange for the complete, uber cool teddy boy look.

How To Incorporate The Style

If you want to go for the very stylish teddy boy look, you should look for key wardrobe pieces such as the long drape jacket in a dark color, (usually black or blue) with a velvet trim and pocket flaps to carry your essentials of the day. Otherwise you could try a black or dark brown leather jacket. Pair it with a white collar shirt, a slim black tie and a brocade waistcoat. The trousers are high waisted and well fitted, a tailored pair in a black colour would be ideal. Think about taking them in about an inch to reveal a bright pair of socks in order to get that complete teddy boy look. The shoes of choice are chunky leather brogues or suede low boots. Grooming is a big part of the teddy boy fashion. The quiff was most notably the go- to hairstyle of choice. You might consider applying a hefty amount of hair gel in order to create a long greased up hair do or you could try the infamous “Boston” combing back the hair in place and cutting a square across the nape.

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