Dress To Impress On Your Casino Date Tonight

Dress To Impress On Your Casino Date Tonight

Are date night jitters getting the best of you? Take up a “dress to impress” mantra for the evening and give yourself a boost of self-confidence. It’s a known fact when you look good, you feel good. When your date night takes place at a casino with lots of noise, crowds of people, and excitement going on all around, you’ll want to stand out to capture your date’s attention.

A casino date is a perfect opportunity to have fun and show off your personality at the same time. Most large casinos have plenty of dining options, entertainment, dancing, and shops to keep you busy all night. Your outfit should reflect the type of evening you want to have, be it romantic or adventurous.

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Do Casinos Still Have Dress Codes?

Early in their history, casinos were a place to see and be seen. Everyone dressed up in their finest attire so they’d be sure to make a splash at the tables. A night out on the town meant a full day of pampering, with styled hair and flawless makeup for the ladies and dark suits and ties for the men. Every prestigious casino had a dress code that had to be followed if you wanted to be granted entrance. Today, it’s a bit of a hodgepodge as casino fashion rules have relaxed quite a bit. Now casinos are seen more as entertainment with a touristy atmosphere at many locations. Mike Tan, a managing partner at Online Casino Gems, often comments on the ever-evolving fashion scene at modern casinos. “If you love people watching, casinos are definitely the place to hang out. The dress ranges from jeans to outlandish colorful costumes that command attention. You never know what you might see.”

While most casinos will let you in to gamble in your jeans and sneakers, some still have dress codes, especially for dining. The fashion experts at Fashionisers recommend that you dress according to the type of casino you’re planning your date at. Be sure to plan ahead by visiting the casino’s website to check out their dress code rules before planning your outfit. An evening casino dinner date might be a little more dressy than a day time brunch date, plan accordingly.

What Not To Wear: Casino Edition

If you’re hitting up a casino straight off the Vegas strip while you’re on vacation, your style of dress might differ quite a bit from when you’re venturing out at night on a special date. Rather than straight gambling, your evening to more likely to include a fancy dinner, a show, or dancing at a club. Plan on dressing things up with nicer clothes and accessories. Don’t show up to your date looking like you just got off work or didn’t bother to put any thought into your outfit for the weekend. Pick date night classics that are freshly pressed and well fitted.

Women that want to stun their dates should avoid comfy athletic wear like leggings or tank tops. Stay away from miss-matched prints, or any cuts of cloth that are too revealing. According to the fashionistas at Melboteri, it’s possible to look like a total knockout without showing too much skin on a date. Even if your date is casual, dress to level up the evening by adding some classy accessories or gorgeous shoes.

Men also need to keep in mind certain fashion faux-pas to avoid when dressing for a date at the casino. Stay away from casual shorts, sandals, or screen printed t-shirts. The plan for the evening is to wow your date with attention to detail. It goes without saying but avoid wearing clothes that are ripped, stained, or anything you’d wear to the gym. On the flip side, don’t go in over-dressed either. You can leave the black tie at home for the evening.

Flirty Fun Casino Fashion Tips For Women

You can’t go wrong with a cute dress and high heels. If you’ll be dancing the night away make sure to pick a midi or mini-skirted dress with a little frill to it so it dances along with you. You want to be cute but comfortable so keep that in mind when picking shoes that are classy but you can actually walk in. Style experts at Oprah Magazine urge you to wear clothes that fit correctly for your body type. Too often we wear clothes that are too tight or too baggy in an effort to conceal or draw attention away from areas we don’t like about ourselves. In truth, correctly fitting clothes go a long way in accentuating our looks.

If you don’t love wearing dresses, try a solid black jumper or romper which are super trendy right now. For a slightly more casual date, you can pair dark jeans with a sparkly or ruffled top and heels.

Dapper Men’s Fashion Trends For Dates At The Casino

Unless you’re attending a formal black-tie event, there’s no reason to show up for your date in a tux or full suit. Men’s style should be simple, elegant, and refined. A freshly groomed man in dark pants, a button-down shirt, and a nice jacket will turn heads every time.

When it comes to men’s clothes, fit is everything. Pants that are too long or baggy, shirts that are wrinkled and have sleeves that are too long will make you look disheveled. If you can’t find the perfect fit off the rack, it might be worth your time to get a few pairs of pants and shirts altered so that they fit you perfectly. The Essential Man asked 101 women what men should wear on a first date and clothes that fit well outranked expensive or designer clothing.

For a more casual evening, you can go with dark jeans and a polo or button shirt with a great jacket or light sweater. Leave the sneakers at home though and go for a nice pair of boots or leather shoes instead.

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