The Woolmark Company – Reinvents Itself Through Social Media

The Woolmark Company – Reinvents Itself Through Social Media

My childhood was all about growing up in Australia on a farm with beef cattle. My other friends always had sheep on their farms. Once a year there was always a major farming show competition where everyone would showcase their best sheep, cattle and various other animals. Who would have known many years ago the very sheep I would be intrigued about, would be there at the forefront of Britain’s Savile Row for 2015 or to the rest of the world. Who would have known that I would have created MenStyleFashion and be the very few woman reporting on menswear from a different angle.

In Australia for business there comes a time if you have a very powerful business model or product to sell. You have to be very aggressive, innovative and reach a wider audience. Europe, Asia and USA are certainly an option you have to test your business model. Now wool is not anything new to the fashion industry. The biggest challenge is marketing it.

How on earth do you market a ton of wool these days? How do you showcase let alone recreate interest for wool to the finest of tailors for men? More so what is so interesting and intriguing when it comes to wool?

The Woolmark Company Australia reinvents itself through Social Media

My first ever encounter with The Woolmark Company was at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. To be honest I thought how are they going to market and target wool in an innovative way for the world to take interest in this finest of fabric we so underestimate. It is simple, through social media and digital marketing is what The Woolmark Company uses to educate the rest of the world in the versatility of this clever natural fiber.

Expert Robert Langtry, Global Chief Strategy Marketer for The Woolmark Company explains to us why they choose influential style icons such as Nick Wooster and design icons such as Paul Smith to assist in the re-educating and marketing for The Woolmark Company.

This is part one of three interviews to come.

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