The Barrett Standard Kickstarter Campaign

The Barrett Standard Kickstarter Campaign


The Barrett Standard Kickstarter Campaign

THE BARRETT STANDARD will revolutionize your style. It is a collection of must-have wardrobe staples, all designed with you in mind. It is a company built on what guys care about the most: confidence, distinctiveness, polish, ease, and simplicity. It’s not rocket science. It’s THE BARRETT STANDARD.

Made in New York means we’re tough. Designed in New York means we know what we’re talking about.

But first, we need your help with our kickstarter crowd funding campaign.

Different From The Rest

The Barrett Standard isn’t just another men’s clothing start-up. It is a solution.

  • It’s confidence in the way you look.
  • It’s distinctiveness in your personal style.
  • It’s polished all the time . . . rain or shine.
  • It’s easy getting dressed every day.
  • And it’s quite simply . . . simple to love.

Our Mission

The Barrett Standard’s mission is guided by four primary principles: FIT, STYLE, FUNCTION,and VALUE.

  • FIT: You will not find a better fitting garment.
  • STYLE: The Barrett Standard is clean, classic, and easy.
  • FUNCTION: We know why you’re wearing it, when you’re wearing it, and where you’re going in it.
  • VALUE: You get what you pay for.

Daniel Tee: $55


Howlett Oxford: $98


Limited Edition Kurt Pullover: $148


Our commitment is that no garment will ever be too boxy, too baggy, too slim, too this, or too that. It will always be just right . . . guided by THE BARRETT STANDARD’s fit expertise, classic proportions, and timeless silhouettes. Protection Status

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