You are here because you want to wander through Europe and explore the hidden beauty in the beautiful landscapes and different cultures and traditions. Right?

We have a selection of the best places for road trips in Europe. The journey becomes more memorable when you do not have to worry about reaching the destination or when the journey or road is your destination. You always have the freedom either to travel with your car or accept rental car services after reaching an airport. This allows you to choose the spots that you love and want to explore more.

Be sure to check out VAN Rental Brussels to get assistance in your ultimate road trip to Europe. In this article, you can choose your favourite destination. The only limitation is the time that you want to spend on the Europe road trip. I suggest you go for one week’s road trip to Europe if you want to eliminate all the stress and frustration of daily life.

1. Pula To Dubrovnik, Croatia


The best time to wander through the route is autumn and summer. This is also a brilliant way to discover the coast. It would be the best ever trip if you start it from Pula and then drive to Dubrovnik. Rijeka, Zadar, and Split will provide the best stops to feel refreshed.

Explore the Plitvice Lakes National Park and make an extraordinary road trip through Europe. Kravice waterfall and Blagaj are also worthy spots to visit and explore.

This is one of the best road trips and stands at the first spot in our top picks.

2. Atlantic Road, Norway

Atlantic Road Norway

If you cannot spend weeks and days on Europe road trips, Atlantic Road in Norway is perfect for you. Sometimes, a few-hour drive is sufficient to help you get rid of the frustration and negativity of life.

Atlantic road goes around the west coast with 8.3 km distance. This trip is perfect if you prefer Quality over Quantity for your short Europe road trip.

This road is also nominated as the world’s most beautiful road journey and after wandering through it you will also agree. Van Rental Brussels offers its services to give you a facilitated road trip at affordable prices.

3. Epirus, Greece

Epirus greece

The dream of travelling through mountain roads comes true when you choose it as your road trip. Driving through the roads of Zagori feels like experiencing a dream coming true.

Although these roads are not very smooth the villages, animals, and lakes are amazing to explore here. This is also one of the nicest road trips that you can ever experience and stands at 3rd spot in the top picks for Europe road trips.

Van rental Brussels airport offers services to help you have a safe journey.

4. Romantic Road, Germany

Romantic Road Germany

Fussen is the initial point that leads to the sweet road trip through Germany’s Romantic Road. Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Nordlingen are the romantic villages that you can visit on your journey on the romantic road.

Getting help through Europe road trip itinerary ideas or a Europe road trip planner is always helpful. Check this guide Europe Road Trip to know more about Europe road trips.

5. Vienna to Belgrade

This is counted among the finest roads on the Continent and is also the second longest road in Europe. So it’s a great idea to visit the finest places with the finest Van Rental Brussels.

The road goes through the 4 capital cities including Belgrade, Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna. Though it’s always a wise choice to visit the best cities by wandering down one road.

6. Arosa to Zermatt, Switzerland

It would not be wrong to say that Switzerland is among the best country and worthy to visit. Its natural ad picturesque beauty is arguably spectacular.

It is always great to discover the beauty of Switzerland whether you travel via train or personal car. Take a start in Arosa and travel to Zermatt by covering a distance of 382km. It is important to note that this latter is car-free so you will have to park your car at some parking facility.

7. Tuscany to Rome, Italy

Tuscany Siena Hills 2022 italy (3)

You must have heard about Tuscany if you love road trips. It attracts the attention of millions of travellers throughout the world. Start your road trip at Pisa to see the leaning tower, head over to the medieval city of Lucca, to then visit Florence the city made famous by the Medici family.

Next, you head south on your way to Siena with its famous Palio di Siena horse race held in the centre of the town twice a year. From there you can continue south and visit the beautiful Orcia Valley with hilltops towns like Pienza, Montepulciano and Montalcino.

From there make your way to Umbria and visit sights like Lake Trasimeno, Perugia and Orvieto. Then on your way to Rome stop t Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy’s most famous hilltop village. When hitting Rome you will be spoilt for sights in the Eternal City. Make sure to include some St Peter’s Basilica tours in your itinerary.

8. Catalonia, Spain


Millions of travellers throughout the world visit this beautiful region in Europe and stand as the most visited place in Europe.

Its dancing and waving sea, bright sun, spectacular beaches, and affordable restaurants grab the attention of the visitors. Your road trip along with the coast through Palamos and Rosas will make it unforgettable.

9. Madeira, Portugal


Madeira is not only one island. However, it is the main island that also presents the beauty of Porto Santo which is famous for its golden sand beaches. Desertas is another island that is uninhabited.

This spot has everything for beach lovers. Your trip will be exceptional through Madeira. You can also stay at the villa or guest house in the main town of the island, Funchal. Calheta, Cabo Girao, Volcanic pools, and Porto Moniz are natural swimming pools here.

10. Iceland Ring Road


Iceland Ring Road covers almost a 1,333-kilometer distance that can be covered within 13 hours approximately. It is better to choose this place if you are going for one week’s trip to Europe. There are a lot of majestic natural beauty spots that can leave imprints on your mind.

Do not forget to get car rental services to make your journey smooth and entertaining.

Final Thoughts

Here is the list of our top picks for road trips to Europe. Road trips are always better to skip the normal life routine and bring some crisps in it.

The journey through these beautiful roads will refresh you and boost your energy to take a fresh start and face the challenges of life. Not only this but road trips are also great for mental health. So choose your favourite and head on to your journey.