Top 7 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Wine Cloth & Shades

Top 7 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Wine Cloth & Shades

They say to make your house and home, you need to put in love and effort. Unless you know the best realtors in Miami, you need to get a little creative. Every house has its own charm that is waiting to be discovered. With a few smart decor and interior ideas, you can give your house a bright, new look. Keeping in theme with the season, you can refurbish your home with an autumnal wine colour. No matter how airy or cosy your house is, the rich, warm tone of wine can enhance it.

Here are a few tips on decorating your home with red wine shades.

A Rich Plum Armchair

Wine is a unique colour because its different tones can evoke different meanings. This makes it particularly suited for the different elements in your living room. You can begin giving your living room a wine makeover by changing the colour of your upholstery. If you have an armchair made of dark mahogany or browns, go for rich plum-coloured fabrics. This tone will complement the brown and lend some depth to your living room. In the cold winters, as you cosy up with your family, this colour will warm you through and through. If your armchair is made of lighter wood, you can still go ahead with this dark plum shade. In this case, it will provide a refreshing contrast. Complete this look with muted yellow lights for an elegant finish.

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A Wine-Coloured Wall

For a more permanent refurbishing of your room, use wine shades on your walls. If you enjoy the soft sunlight streaming into your room, try painting a single wall with a very light merlot colour. The mellow colour will be enhanced by the sunlight or any white lights you may have in the room. The best part is, that you can optimally use this soft tone for mood-lighting. Attach elegant, old-world yellow lamps to this wall. As soon as the evening creeps in, the yellow lights on the wall will help furnish a sophisticated look for your room. For a deeper look that is bound to win over any guests you have for dinner, try a full-bodied wine for your walls. This shade also carries all of its smoky elegance. As long as you do not overdo the colour, it will add a sensational touch to your room.

Ruby-Red Rugs

Rugs remain strangely underrated, even though they can instantly transform your room. Simply by adding an elegant rug to your room, your room acquires a character of its own. If you are only testing waters with wine shades, a great way to begin is through a ruby-red rug. With its deep hue, it immediately will add character to your room. While styling your room with a ruby-red rug, try to go for the largest and best quality rug you can find. Ideally, some area of a rug should go under the furniture in your room. This helps the rug add a finishing touch to your room rather than awkwardly stand out. Use a dark ruby red rug in places you are likely to frequent, like your bedroom or living room. If you have a fireplace, nothing can enhance the look of the room like a woolly ruby-red rug!

Minimalist Pop of Purple

When you are giving your house a complete wine makeover, the one territory that may be difficult to traverse through is your teenager’s bedrooms. Teenagers like expressing themselves through their surroundings, so they don’t welcome much interference from their parents. Fortunately, the versatility of the colour means that you can bring it into their room with both subtlety and panache. You can add a few purple-felt photo frames diagonally aligned to their wall. For a personalized feel, you can fold upt-shirts and use it in the frame. The white and black background of the t-shirts will go well with the flames. Plus, the cloth design will make for a unique style: just how teenagers like it!

Statement Lamp Shades

Perhaps the most interesting thing about wine colour is that despite its dark hues, it has a great interplay with light. Just like old lamps on a wine-coloured wall, wine-coloured lamp shades have an innate old-world mystique. By changing the lamp shade in your room, you can change how your evenings feel. For the perfect mood lighting, go for a deep-wine coloured silk fabric. Its opacity will add instant warmth to your room, giving it a regal appearance. For a more well-lit effect, you can switch over to a more sheer fabric—or even a paper-based lamp shade. This will add a dash of colour to your room in the daytime, giving your room a whole new look.

Champagne Curtains

If your house is a typical Treasure Coast real estate house, you may have sunlight streaming in at all times. This may make wine colours seem somewhat irregular. However, do not be mistaken: wine colours do not just include reds and purples, they include lighter champagnes and mellow scotches as well! If your house is teeming with sunlight throughout the year, welcome the rays of the sun with champagne-coloured curtains. Instead of going for blinds, go for panels falling right to the bottom of your windows. The delicate beauty of semi-sheer champagne-coloured curtains made out of linen is incomparable. It will act as a lovely filter to the sunlight. Just sit back and relax as beautiful gold rays dance in your living room throughout the day!

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Mahogany Closets

We can’t be on the subject of wine shades, without mentioning the most classic example of wine shades: mahogany! Mahogany has long been revered as a refined, tasteful wood used to make furniture. Of course, it tends to get expensive to purchase mahogany furniture. However, as any mahogany owner will tell you: it is definitely a worthwhile investment to make! Mahogany is both strong and effective, lasting for a number of years. If there is one solid wine-based change you want to bring to amp up your room, go for a mahogany closet. You can get a small chest of drawers or a customized floor-to-ceiling closet built for yourself. Either way, it will make an instant impact on your room, made to draw awe from whoever visits it. Like wine, mahogany ages well, so you can enjoy its effortless beauty even twenty years hence!

For long, we have misinterpreted “wine” to mean a single shade. However, like the drink itself, the colour has a whole range, perfect for whatever mood you are trying to channel. Just include the colour in different ways across your home, and relish the depth and freshness this classic colour brings. Protection Status

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