Top 8 Reasons to Go Vintage This Year

Top 8 Reasons to Go Vintage This Year

Styles come in and out of fashion all the time from the dark gothic look all dressed in black to the rocker chic style or the untraditional bohemian look beloved of arty types. However, there is one look in vogue this year and that is the vintage look, which never seems to go out of style. Here we will take a look at 8 reasons why you should go vintage this year.


1. Uniqueness

The beauty of the vintage look is that it is just that, vintage. This means that what you are wearing is not mass-produced and the chances of anyone else having the same style as you are remote. You are wearing one-off pieces that you have handpicked to suit your personality. So let that rebel side out of you, shun fast fashion, and get back to those vintage roots.

2. Variety

There is more variety in vintage clothing than in any other style with quite literally something to suit every demographic of society. For example, you can find cool LGBT shirts that reflect how society has advanced in the 21st century to be inclusive of all people regardless of their orientation. Looking for something different to help you stand out from the crowd? Head to a vintage store and you will be the most stylish person in town.

3. Sustainability

The modern consumer world of spend spend spend is unsustainable in the long run as we are destroying our planet and will run out of resources. The best reason, therefore, to choose vintage clothing is that you are not only contributing to the planet’s decline but are actually recycling and looking sharp at the same time. Mother nature will be so proud of you for being sustainable!

4. Supporting Small Businesses

High street chains and the mega online brands don’t often stock vintage clothing so you are more likely to be shopping in the small privately-owned outfitter or charity shop, which is perfect for the local economy. Supporting small businesses not only helps to keep your well-earned dollars from the corporate behemoths but also contributes to the thriving high street that is an essential part of our social fabric.


5. Value

Vintage clothing offers remarkable value for money as the clothing is second hand and you will likely be shopping in small neighbourhood stores or charity shops that do not have corporate masters hanging over their heads trying to squeeze every penny of profit from their customers. Prices will be low, so whilst you will be saving yourself an arm and a leg you will also be helping out smaller retailers who may struggle against the corporate titans.

6. Get ahead of the trend

Fashion runs in cycles, this year the 70’s might be on point, next year it could be the fashion disaster decade of them all, the 80’s. Regardless, if your wardrobe is full of vintage gear then each year when a new trend comes around you will be well placed ahead of the masses to dress stylishly without having to break the bank. These converse trainers will already be hidden at the back of the wardrobe and the shell suit will be on the hanger. You’ll be the envy of all your chums.

7. Quality

These days the sad reality of high street fashion is that the clothes are made in 3rd world countries, with no respect given to working conditions or the wages paid, corporations just care about profit. As a result, standards have dropped, however, if you decide to go vintage you will find that the fabrics are of much higher quality and are made to last, they are often made from natural materials, allowing your body to breathe. Ultimately you will feel much more comfortable at a lower cost.

8. Every Item Tells a Story

The beauty of vintage clothing is that every single item tells a story. You can just imagine that 1920’s dress being worn in a ballroom in the mid-war era, or that wide shirted collar being strutted by a young buck in a 70’s disco. Sometimes you can even trace the provenance of the clothes through labels or word of mouth in charity shops. This adds an extra dimension to the clothes you wear which makes them all the more wearable and gives them a certain romance.

Dressing in vintage clothing has many advantages as we have seen, from offering cheaper more sustainable clothing to giving you that unique look that no one else can achieve. The variety and quality on offer are incredible and you can really help small businesses by giving them your custom rather than a multinational. Shop vintage and you will be the coolest kid in town! Protection Status

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