Warm garments are all well and good to fight Jack Frost, but the canny man will have a few more tricks up his well-insulated sleeve to look the part and feel a warm glow. Even if the forecast is grim you can have a spring in your step with some classic accessories. Let’s take a look …

Allow Yourself To Be A Helmet

Beanie hats are all well and good, but they don’t exactly add warmth to the imagination they are supposed to shield. One of the latest trends is the wide brimmed Fedora; they look great in navy and black and if you fancy wearing them with a trench coat you’ll have style in Sam Spades! Parisian house Larose have modern produced classy head warmers and their rabbit felt Fedora is both classic looking and stylish. Lots of autumn colored hues available mean it’s easy to compliment existing or new accessories with minimum cost.

Brolly Good Show

The high tech clunk of an automatic umbrella belies the inherent weaknesses of a mass produced product. Not only will Mother Nature take the rise out of you but also chances are she’ll literally raise the roof with your cheapo Far East import. Research then check out some quality covers such as Cult Brand who produce a much more robust option. Don’t go for loud looks; cover from a classic black or navy long form umbrella will be more gratefully accepted as you escort the new temp back from star bucks in an olde world gentlemanly manner.

Tick Another Box

There are good quality watches as numerous as stars in the sky and a good, solid weatherproof model says more about your reliability than weight lifting ever could. A classic stainless steel or bright metal named brand in a slim form with quality leather strap will subtly catch the eye rather than a starship-sized model with just as many technological innovations and just as sun eclipsing.

It’s A Wrap

Without the indignity of a snorkel hooded parka temperature control for the winter strolling gent is often a problem, especially if you find yourself battling against freezing or overheated trains, people or both! So without looking like the Michelin Man a light scarf over your stylish outerwear will keep you regular (Temperature wise at least!) and can slip into a bag or briefcase if not used.

Cotton or cashmere are the materials that look good and are durable. Plain, textured looks can contrast well with darker classic outerwear and suits. Just don’t scream with your main colors and let the scarf do the talking!

Win The Tote

Oh, how we’ve all been clobbered by the swinging backpack as the owner struggles to pull out the micro sized water bottle! Good tote bags are worth their weight carrying capacities in gold and can fold up for convenient carrying or storage. Nylon is the most waterproof and flexible but use a branded bag to maintain your street cred and at a push you can always put the offending backpacker’s water bottle in it and take a swipe back.

Sole Men

There is nothing worse than squishing through the day in soaking wet inferior quality shoes. Rubberized heavier duty boots or those with Dainite soles are the best options for the winter weather, but make sure you use a suitable weatherproofing treatment on them; it will pay dividends and save you money long term and if the boots are sodden you can always keep a pair of quality brogues as spares in the locker room for those important meetings or after hour commitments. Stay frosty!