Accessorizing isn’t usually something that most men think about. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but more often than not, men put a basic outfit together consisting of a top, bottoms, and shoes and consider the job done well! And sure, sometimes a simple outfit is just what the occasion calls for, but simply doesn’t have to mean basic. There are a few items that can put little finishing touches to even the simplest outfit and make it something a bit more special and noteworthy. Men’s watches, ties, and things like cufflinks all fall into the category of accessories, and we believe that no well-rounded wardrobe should be without them! Check out our top ten, and you’ll see all the ways that a few well-placed accessories can really open up your closet for you.

10. Ties


While the tie is not every man’s best friend, and not everyone needs to wear one on a regular basis, it is a staple of both corporate and formal men’s fashion, and every man should have at least two in his wardrobe. Of course, if you like ties, you’ll probably own a few more than two and they might even be exciting and brightly patterned. If this is not your path in life, we suggest you ensure that you always have a simple and unpatterned navy blue and black tie in your wardrobe.

9. Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from harsh sunlight is no joke, but so few people take it seriously. Having a pair of good quality sunglasses is not only good for your eyes, but if you choose the style of your frames wisely, they can also enhance any outfit. We advocate neutral colours because they will go with most of what you own and for a classic frame style that won’t go out of style too fast.

8. Belts


Here we have a similar situation with ties. Many men do not feel the need to wear belts on a daily basis; if this is you, then your collection will be a small one. If you wear belts on a daily basis, you’ll probably have a large range, but if you don’t, we advise that you keep one black and one medium brown dress belt in your wardrobe for when they’re needed.

7. Weekend Bag

classy weekend travel bag

Everyone needs that bag that has just enough space for a weekend’s worth of clothing, shoes, and toiletries! It’s your grab-and-go bag, the one you take on every trip, whether as serious luggage or carry-on. The look of this bag will vary according to your style, but a good bet is a leather bag in either brown or black. Canvas bags are also a good option but often don’t last as long.

6. Toiletry Bag

No, a plastic zip-loc baggie is not the same as a good-quality toiletry bag! You’ll need one of these to hold your face wash, moisturizers, shaving kit, etc., whenever you go away. One that has a waterproof lining is always a good idea so that spills don’t turn into disasters. A darker colour is probably the best option, and make sure it’s large enough for your needs.

5. Watch

Unless you’re a watch collector, you’ll probably only want one watch to wear with all your outfits, so choose carefully. Yes, we know that your phone can tell the time for you, but a watch is a classic men’s accessory that can finish off even the simplest outfit really well and elevate it a little in the process.

4. Wallet

wallet crocodile leather

As for the toiletry bag, a zip-loc bag will not suffice! Get yourself a nice leather wallet; we advise black because this will be an item that’s in your hands and on surfaces a lot, so it’s likely to get dirty quite quickly. Leather is always a good bet because it wears well and will last a long time, but metal cardholder options are also quite chic these days and do the job well.

3. Briefcase or Backpack

carl friedrik palissy leather briefcase

Carl Friedrik Palissy leather briefcase

Whether you choose a briefcase or backpack, the kind you choose will depend upon the job you do and your personal style. If you’re in a corporate position or one where you’re required to dress in a formal manner, we advise a nice classic leather briefcase. Anything less formal than that and a backpack will do fine; one that can carry your computer or tablet, phone, and maybe a sweater.

2. Baseball Cap

baseball cap

If you’re not a hat person, we understand, but having a baseball cap on hand is a good idea. Even if you don’t wear it as a part of a casual outfit, wearing a hat on hot days is vital to keep the sun off your face. If you like hats, a good quality baseball cap can add a little interest to a simple look.

1. Cufflinks


This is another item that most people won’t wear often but will be conspicuously absent if you need them and don’t have them. Either silver or gold depending on your preference, and keep them simple.

Wrap Up

If you have all of these in your wardrobe, you’ll never fail to impress when you put an outfit together.