Travel Experts Reveal 5 Ways To Save Money On Travel

Travel Experts Reveal 5 Ways To Save Money On Travel

Traveling is both exciting and productive. People know that travel is only meant for spending a vacation, but the truth is far from that. There are many reasons why you should travel more – but financial needs might be your concern. While a staycation can help you to save money, it is not going to work all the time. There are times it will force you to go out and explore, learn, re-energize, and socialize.

You have been wondering how to travel and still spend the least amount of money. Yes, without adequate planning, especially with finances, you may embarrass yourself on the journey. That is why it is wise to learn from travel experts. In this post, we unveil some secrets from top travel professionals and expert advice on how to save money while on your trip.

Follow these five tips to experience your best travel around the world without breaking your bank.

1.   Avoid Expensive Hotels

Yes, hotels are expensive. But your purpose and duration of travel can dictate how much you will pay for your stay. With innovations like Airbnb, you can find the best deals for short-term stay during your vacation – far lower than the hotel prices.

Even in cities where Airbnb and similar services have not taken root, you can easily find affordable apartments and house units for short-term renting. Doing research or connecting with other travelers can help you with ideas on locating beautiful places to stay for those short stays during your vacation.

2.   Rent a Car for a Longer Duration

Sometimes it is necessary to hire a car for various uses while on vacation. It is a good idea to rent the car when you want to go out with the family. You would need one with a roof rack storage to carry your outdoor gear and accessories. On other days, you can do with public transport.

However, if you go out often, it would be better to negotiate with a car rental company to lease you a car for longer. Some companies offer attractive discounts for car rental when you book it for more than five days. If you get a good deal, you can save a few bucks off the public transport and avoid some frustrations on the road.

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3.   Carry a Water Bottle

We know that security will not allow you to carry any liquid – including drinking water – into the airport. However, they will not ask you why you have an empty bottle with you. Once you are through with the security checkup, you can go ahead and fill your empty bottle with water at the filling points in the airport before entering the plane. The water will quench your thirst while on the plane.

Apart from rehydrating during the flight, you need water everywhere when you reach your destination. Except when you are in your room, you would always want your water bottle. Outdoor activities, especially during the hot summer weather, can quickly dehydrate you. To stay hydrated all the time, fill your bottle with water from the hotel when you are going out. To keep your expenses low, refill your bottle at free dispensers while outdoors.

4.   Stay Flexible with Your Trips

We have already informed you about the advantage of avoiding hotels when traveling. Therefore, you have no reason to worry about missing a room when you arrive at your destination. Although it is essential to plan your trip adequately, it is also vital to always be ready to adjust your journey to save as much as you can from the flight tickets.

Some people will tell you to book your flight on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. But that is not a foolproof way to ensure that your flight will cost the cheapest. But how much should you be ready to shift your trip schedule? You can change your destination and dates to get the best deals from the many planes around the world.

5.   Fly to Another City Before Booking Your Final Destination Ticket

Airline ticket prices change according to the demand in the market. Trips with more customers have more flights but also charge more. There is a way you can use the variation to your advantage. If possible, you can find a city between your location and your travel destination that has less market competition – where plane tickets are cheaper.

You can then book your first ticket to the “connecting” city, stay a day or two (you may even like some adventure there) before heading to your planned vacation. With the cheaper flights, you can save a few bucks for the total trip to your destination. The little “change” you get from the tickets can take care of your stay in the midway city where you stop and even help you to cater to some miscellaneous expenses on your trip.

Summing Up

While traveling is known to incur so much on various expenses, and sometimes to build up debt on credit cards, it is possible to minimize the expenses. While you cannot save from every expense on the trip, you can use various alternatives to cut down the cost of each journey you make. A little saving from every trip can eventually add up to afford you another complete trip to a destination of your choice or buy you some travel accessories to make your travel experience better. Protection Status

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