Tuxedo Shirts – Which One To Wear

Tuxedo Shirts – Which One To Wear

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Tuxedo Shirts

Whilst choosing the correct shirt to wear with your Tuxedo, you need to consider various things. You do not want to end up looking like a penguin, so acquiring a proper tuxedo shirt is important. There are, however, so many different types of dress shirts, that which one do you choose?

Winged-Tip Shirt

Many an elegant man enjoys wearing a Winged-Tip tuxedo shirt. The collar is straight and hugs the neck, except for at the very front of the collar – the corner tips at the edges and they bend over to form a winged appearance. The Winged-Tip shirt is normally worn with a bow tie, accentuating its shape and style. This is the most formal of shirts and many believe are the only shirt to wear with a tailcoat.

Winged Tip Tuxedo Shirt for Men

Laydown Collar Shirts

With Laydown collar tuxedo shirts, similar to the winged-tip collar, this collar folds down around the neck, with a space between the front points.  This style has become more common in the past few years.  Often this style of shirt is less expensive than the Winged-Tip.

Men's Tuxedo Lay Down Collar Shirt

Madarin Shirt

The Mandarin Collar tuxedo shirt is often favoured by men as it means that no tie needs to be worn.  The mandarin collar tuxedo shirt has a band collar that stands up straight, coming together in the front of with one button.  The button creates the same visual effect as a tie, without the nee to actually wear one.  There are often quarter inch pleats found down the front of these shirts, which injects some tradition into this modern design.  This shirt is often popular with younger clientele.

Men's Shirts - Mandarin Collar

There are so many variations on each type of tuxedo shirt; slim fit, 100% cotton, extra long sleeves, a variety of collar styles, pleat styles and button styles and covering. This, however, is not an issue when buying a bespoke shirt, as the initial consultation with a professional clothier will ensure that the shirt is cut for your body and the fit is immaculate.  If you would like to see someone at Fielding and Nicholson about buying a tuxedo shirt, please contact team@fieldingandnicholson and quote ‘menstylefashion twitter’.

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