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Men’s Style Guide: From Las Vegas Glam to British Casualwear – Mixing Prints

There’s a common misconception among the masses that a print should be paired with a solid. But in reality, mixing prints can take the ordinary to extraordinary- and not to mention, more interesting, unique and original. Mixing prints isn’t just for the bold or suit and tie wearing crowd. One can easily and subtly pair great pieces together, even when dressed in casual attire.

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Men’s Fashion in Las Vegas

Much like a story, there are a two sides to every city. Vegas is no exception. Known for our world famous nightlife, luxurious hotels & magnificent casinos , it’s no surprise that people aren’t afraid to stand out amongst their peers. Being daring is key here, and nothing is really off limits, but paisley and gingham are timeless. Tailored jackets, shirts and pocket squares are essential in every man’s wardrobe and provide an amazing canvas to work with.

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The Hidden Vegas Dress Code

But the side of Vegas that isn’t often thought about is the dive bar drinking, 99¢ taco eating, house party going side; AKA the local side. While every local man has their respectable business and formalwear, they also have an abundance of pieces that can be mixed, matched and worn to the not-so-serious places. Camo is an absolute must; it’s the new black. Stripes and polka dots are two classic prints that will give an understated yet fashion forward appearance.

Mixing Prints for Men - Fashion

Message for Men: Mix Your Prints

So go forth and defy the ancient and erroneous fashion guidelines of the past. Mix your prints. Be adventurous and know that this fall and winter, you CAN make this trend work for you.

Mixing Prints in Winter for Men's Fashion