Every man wants to cut a suave and sophisticated figure, no matter whether they’re in the boardroom or out and about on the town. We all like to think that other people are looking at us and admiring what they see, rather than turning their noses up in disdain and averting their gazes from our un-ironed shirt and falling-apart-at-the-seams footwear.

But let’s be honest with ourselves. If there’s one group we really want to impress, it’s the women around us. Far more likely to notice the little details of how we dress, they can often prove a discerning audience, but that also means they sit up and pay attention when we get it right.

If you want to wow the next time you’re on a date, here are a few fashion looks that women love, straight from the horse’s mouth

Well-fitted Suits

We know you don’t always want to don an uncomfortable suit when you’re out of the workplace and away from your day job, but should the occasion arise, it’s a good idea to dust off your two-piece when you wish to dazzle. Not only will that extra bit of effort be appreciated, but suits help to create a seriously silhouette-enhancing outline that will show off your hard-won physique to perfection.

Smart Watches

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No outfit is complete without the addition of a chic and sophisticated chronometer. Thanks to smartphones, they can seem a bit redundant, but their sole purpose isn’t just to tell the time. They say a lot about the man who’s wearing them, and save you from having to make the social faux pas of whipping your phone out to check the clock whilst you should be paying attention. They also indicate that you give some thought to the little details, which is a very attractive quality as far as most women are concerned. Besides, if you can pick out a nice wrist piece for yourself, it says a lot of good things about your gift giving potential.

Pink Pieces

This one might surprise you, but according to research, it also turns out that women are attracted to men who wear pink, specifically pastel shades. Ladies tend to correlate the colour with confidence, because it flouts socially constructed views of masculinity. What’s more, it’s apparently associated with positive emotions, with scientists from the University of Poitiers showing that those who wear it are perceived as being happier and more positive (the same is true of those who dress themselves in white or green).

Chic And Stylish Footwear

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The next time you’re meeting up for a date with a match from Badoo, you’re also going to need to pay attention to what you’re wearing on your feet. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then shoes are the windows to your style, so make sure they say only good things about you. They ought to be stylish, chic, and sophisticated, and mud and marks are an absolute no go!

How will you dress to impress?

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