How many of you would love better quality sleep, but want to reach it in the easiest way possible? Our guess is 99.9% of you (there’s always going to be someone who wants to work hard for it). Before you hit the hay, we could suggest 20 minutes of yoga, tell you to get off your phone, or advise a cup of lavender tea… but this isn’t that kind of article. These types of things, whilst undeniably good for sleep, all require conditioning of sorts; they will take time and a lot of self-control. However, if it’s quick, but fantastic solutions to better slumber you’re after, then you’re in the right place.

Getting more sleep is one of many ways to help you reduce stress, and with the following items, you’re bound to catch a great 40 winks from night one.

Build a Noise Barricade

Sometimes it’s not even our fault that we can’t fall asleep; often, it’s an infuriating barrage of noise that prevents our minds from relaxing. Whether it’s a partner that snores like their life depends on it, neighbours that decide 3 am is the perfect time to yell at each other, or a baby simply incessantly crying, there’s actually an easy solution to all of these. Proving you can fight fire with fire, headphones from Kokoon are a fantastic little gadget that will block out noise, as well as lower the volume of your music once they sense you’re drifting off to sleep. You can listen to whatever you please, but there is also a smartphone app that comes with calming music to relax you while WWIII happens outside.

If you’re thinking that these headphones won’t be very comfortable if you’re a side sleeper, rest assured, they’ve thought of that. Kokoon headphones will sit perfectly flat against the side of your head, so you can lie in any position you find most suitable and still be able to feel Zen.

Sleep on Cloud 9

All mattresses are the same right? Well… not quite. Noise might be one enemy against sleep, but back pain is another. Taking the time to pick out a mattress that ticks all the boxes and can alleviate your back pain is a worthwhile cause, as you’re likely to have the same one for a long time (10 years is the recommended amount of time for the same mattress). It really is what’s on the inside that counts, but luckily Eve makes products that are both comfortable and pretty, with mattresses being their principal item. Contouring memory foam and cooling fabric are what sets Eve apart from your regular mattress store, and even if you don’t understand how it all works exactly, their website gives detailed specifications and diagrams into what their mattresses are all about. They also have a live chat option with a real human, so any further queries can be directed at them. Make sure to maintain proper mattress hygiene.


Hide from the Light

Whether it’s due to a partner reading with a bedside lamp, the early sunrise in summer, or perhaps you work nights and can only sleep during the day, light is something that can prevent us from a perfect snooze. If a nearby light source makes you feel like a vampire in the sun, then a product called Glo to Sleep is worth a shot. The comfy sleeping mask will place you into pitch blackness, yet has an interesting twist. Though it might seem counterproductive, the sleeping mask has lenses with soothing blue lights that start to fade after a while; far from the harsh glare of a streetlamp or TV screen, the blue lights are designed to focus your eyes on something until sleep comes – basically a modern-day equivalent of counting sheep. Alternatively, you can get a sleep aid kit.


When Is It Time to Get Checked?

Sometimes, it’s not your bedroom environment or external disruptions but a legitimate health condition that is keeping you from getting a good night’s rest. A sleeping disorder like sleep apnea can severely affect the quality of your sleep. People with this condition experience multiple apnea episodes or breathing pauses that last 10 to 30 seconds. These episodes can occur up to 400 times a night.

A simple change of environment is not enough to treat sleep apnea. Right now, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy using a CPAP machine and mask is the most effective treatment for sleep apnea, along with practising healthy sleeping habits.

If you wake up with daytime fatigue, feel excessively sleepy during the day, and have observed apnea episodes, schedule an appointment with your health-care provider immediately. Sleep is integral to living a healthy and happy life. Anything that is keeping you from a restful slumber should be addressed or treated immediately.