Vaping As A New Stylish Accessory

Vaping As A New Stylish Accessory

In today’s world, men as women also try to look good, dress fashionably, be in trend and keep up with various new inventions.

Already every man who follows fashion has got a vape for himself, which has many advantages over regular cigarettes and is also a cool addition to the style.

“Not so long ago, electronic cigarettes appeared, and with them a new subculture. Now vapers are very difficult to surprise with something new and exciting. However, periodically appear unusual models of electronic cigarettes, which amaze with their glamorous design. Often the practicality of such inventions leaves much to be desired, but talk about this work of art does not subside for a long time.”

The device itself is essentially a device that has an LED, a battery, a sensor, and a sprayer. So what about the benefits or harm can only talk about the liquid for the evaporator, experts say. This is usually propylene glycol, glycerin, flavoring and, in some cases, nicotine.

Vape pens have many undeniable advantages, compared with the usual cigarettes. E-cigarettes can be smoked in public places, without causing inconvenience to others. Electronic smoking, instead of an unpleasant smell, emits water vapor, disappearing in a matter of seconds. Several world-famous associations have recognized vape as a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Vape brings significantly less harmful to health. Regular cigarettes, along with tobacco and tar, contain numerous chemicals, including carcinogens. The e-cigarette contains only nicotine and certain food additives, so the harm to health is reduced to a minimum. The global association that protects the interests of consumers of alternative methods of smoking recently conducted a study that showed that smoking vape has a minimal danger to the human body. The main chemicals in e-cigarette fluids are glycerin and propylene glycol. Their content is far below the dangerous mark. Also, as a result of smoking vape, teeth, and skin do not turn yellow.


The most expensive electronic cigarette

The British inventors of the Shisha Sticks company commissioned by a Russian oligarch invented the most costly device worth $ 890 thousand. The customer of the vape wished to remain anonymous. It is only known that the name of the oligarch girlfriend was added to the name of the manufacturer’s company for which the device was intended.

Electronic cigarette in the form of a mobile phone

Vape pens makers than never tried to surprise the world. Previously, these devices were produced in the form of cigarette lighters, flashlights, key fobs and bottle openers, and only Vaporcade decided to make a vape that would combine the functions of an electronic cigarette and a phone. She has released two versions of the smartphone Jupiter IO. One of them costs $ 299 and supports 3G Internet, and the second is designed for the 4G Internet, worth $ 399. Both smartphones are equipped with a Full HD display and Android firmware. The steam section of the mobile is a removable design that connects via micro USB to a smartphone. The phone has a particular application that allows you to determine the consumption of cartridges and the number of puffs per day.

Bottle-shaped vape

Among manufacturers of electronic cigarettes competition is growing every day. To promote business, the new Chinese company ICIG decided to surprise the world with an electronic hookah called Muses. In its shape, it resembles a bottle. Vape in the form of a bottle is equipped with additional features, including music playback. Besides, electronic hookah is equipped with Bluetooth. The device weighs a lot, about 700 grams.

Bull Head Vape

This device struck the vapers with a unique and unusual style of performance. The vaporizer pen in the form of a bull’s head in shape and size resembles a key chain, which is almost imperceptible in a pocket of clothes and fits comfortably in your hand. The vape has a unique faceting, which is covered with a special protective coating to prevent wear.

Vape with built-in compass

This gadget will be especially useful for outdoor enthusiasts who love to travel. A distinctive feature of this model is energy-intensive batteries. The device without recharging can work for several days.

Electronic Cigarette Accessories

Vape accessories are not a mandatory part of an electronic cigarette, but something that allows you to upgrade it. Improvements may include the addition of impact resistance, ease of use or transportation, and a change in appearance.

1) Drip types (Mouthpieces)

Drip type is a hollow tube through which steam is inhaled. In electronic cigarettes, it is attached to the top of the atomizer. Its primary purpose is personal hygiene. Also, using mouthpieces for vapes of various shapes, colours, or materials, the appearance of the vapour pen changes.

2) Flasks and glasses for electronic cigarettes.

Vape lovers often face the problem that vape manufacturers do not provide atomizers with spare glasses. But as a rule, in practice, experienced bathers are faced precisely with the issue of broken glass on the tank. And most often, the cause of broken glasses on the clearomizer is our carelessness and clumsiness, but there are also cases when the flask for an electronic cigarette cracks itself or because the bather uses a poor-quality liquid.

3) Covers and laces for wipes

They are designed for more comfortable use, transportation and storage of electronic cigarettes, vials of liquid, spare evaporators and other goods for service. And also protect the vape device itself from mechanical damage or accidental drops.

You can choose a case, case, bag, case, or necklace for any model of vape pen mods. There are also multi-slot covers in which the entire arsenal of the vaper is easily placed. This option is quite convenient for long-distance trains.

4) Vape Band

This is a silicone ring that is put on the glass of the atomizer, thereby creating additional protection in case of accidental damage or falls. Also, it can be used as a decoration for an electronic cigarette, giving your device a unique style and a unique combination of colours. Vape bands are not only multi-coloured but also with various inscriptions or drawings. Many manufacturers use protective gum, as an advertisement placing on them the name of their products or logo. Protection Status

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