Watches For Men – What To Look For

Watches For Men – What To Look For


Men’s Watch Buying Guide

A timepiece can speak volumes about the man wearing it. There are many options to choose from – anything from simple and functional to classy and elegant. With the Internet broadening whole new consumer horizons, it seems like the possibilities are endless. But how do you know if you’re getting a genuinely good watch? Or if the watch is right for YOU? Below are a few tips to get you started.

When buying online or in a traditional brick and mortar store, it is important to make sure you’re doing business with a reputable company. If you are, you will have the ability to return any watch which may not meet your expectations. It is also important to know that if you’re paying for a brand name, you are actually getting what is advertised.

What To Look For

There are two main types of crystals to be aware of: mineral glass and synthetic sapphire crystals. Mineral glass costs less but tends to not shatter as easily. Synthetic sapphire crystals are more scratch resistant.

In addition to the crystal, it is important to take the metal used in making the watch into consideration. Better made watches have metal links made out of solid metal, whereas watches of less quality have hollow metal links. If you’re not sure which type a particular watch has, turn it on the side so you can see the link at a side view to see whether or not it is hollow. It is also important to test the buckle or clasp to make sure it feels like it was made with good, solid construction.

Country Of Origin

Although the Swiss have long been known for their quality of movement, the Japanese aren’t far behind. Japanese name brands include Casio, Citizen, and Seiko (you can find them all at Princeton Watches). The most reliable Swiss movements are from ETA or Ronda. Going with any of these name brands will ensure your timepiece is reliable for many years. Of course, there are plenty of American brands that are respected; Invicta has been going since 1837 and are offered at wide ranging price points at Shop NBC.


Bands can be made from a variety of materials, such as leather or metal, and this should be taking into consideration when purchasing. Will the watch be used in the daytime for business or at nighttime while out on the town? Some bands will function for both, depending on the model.

Weight and Lumination

Many people like heavy watches, but this is just a personal preference. Most quality timepieces use expensive metals, which means they are usually lighter.

When it comes to lumination, watches with a Japanese origin tend to be better. They use both LumiNova and SuperLumiNova, which have both been shown to last for many more years than the competition. If there is no marking as to which kind of lumination has been used, look to see how thick the luminant is. The thicker, the better. Some Swiss watches use gas tubes made out of tritium and those can also last for many years.

Two Types of Watchmakers

A company that takes pride in their watches will often have their name or a signature emblem on the watch. It can be on the face, the clasp, the crown, or the caseback. A quality company that stands behind their product will have this insignia engraved within the watch itself.

A company that makes watches just to look good on someone’s arm isn’t as concerned about quality. Often, the insignia is somehow glued in place. These watches may have a popular brand name on it, to reach those customers who are more into the name than the quality.

Some people want a watch to pass down for generations, while others are looking to have something more fun and sporty to wear around town. Ultimately, the watch should be one the man enjoys and feels comfortable wearing.

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