Varidesk ProPlus 36 – Standing Desk Review

Varidesk ProPlus 36 – Standing Desk Review

I was pleased to be asked to review the Varidesk as desks have been part of my entire working life. I’m quite an old guy, coming up for 70 this year but fit as a fiddle as I work out at the gym most days. I started work at 17 as University wasn’t for me, being a late developer! I worked for 30 years for British Rail and ended up being a Project Manager looking after the reconstruction of railway stations in London and the southeast of England. Following privatization of the railways I was offered voluntary severance and with the payout I started buying property and also set up a business repairing and supplying surgical and optical instruments to hospitals, again in the southeast. I sold this after 13 years and went into property development with my son and subsequently bought more properties to let out to students.  During the course of all this going on my wife and I had three of our own children and adopted two. We had also fostered 117 children over a period of 17 years and 2 of them stayed for life but that’s another story!

You will realise that when I started work computers were not on the scene so it was very interesting for me using the first business models on a flat desk and getting a cricked neck in the process. The evolution of the desk hasn’t kept pace with the amazing choice of computers we have now so I was very pleased to review the Varidesk which for me is a quantum leap in desk technology. The Varidesk is designed for those requiring a larger workspace and is easily adjustable so it can be used either sitting down or standing up. Great for those who like to move around while working or who suffer from sitting in the same place for too long.

Varidesk ProPlus 36 - Standing Desk Review

The Review

The desk comes in a well-padded box and to my delight needs no tools to put it together as it comes completely ready assembled. Unless you go to the gym regularly you may need to get help to lift it as it weights 35lbs (15.88 kg). It is extremely robust and well made with elegantly curved surfaces

The unit is packed flat but by squeezing handles on both sides the substantial spring-loaded mechanism enables it to easily glide into position. It can be placed on any surface and of course, is very portable. The beauty of this model is that it can be adjusted to the height that suits you with 11 different positions which will give an ideal height to any user whether you wish to sit or stand which is a such an advantage if you start to get stiff and want to move position, an ideal of course if you have a bad back. It also enables you to find the ideal position, in seconds, without breaking your concentration.

The unit remains sturdy and stable even when fully extended and because it easily glides into any position there is no need to remove any of the items when changing position. The surfaces are non-slip and are coloured black which can be a bit hard on the eye but is a very small disadvantage.

The two-tier design is 36 inches (91cm) wide which is enough to easily accommodate two monitors on the top shelf with a spacious lower keyboard and mouse deck or alternatively space for ancillary items. There is an even wider model 40 inches (120cm) for those who have even greater workspace needs.


In conclusion, I have been very impressed with this model, which costs £365 but is very good value because it has been manufactured to such a high standard.  A standing desk is such a big advantage, especially as it is so versatile and will suit people of all heights. A big plus from me, no more cricked necks or bad backs!

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