Wedding Outfit – Three Things to Consider!

Wedding Outfit – Three Things to Consider!

Their wedding is most probably one of the most important events in a couple’s life. You should be honoured if ever you get invited to attend one. That simply means that the couple – or at least one of them – considers you such an important part of their lives that you simply cannot miss their happiest moment.

Because of this, it is necessary that you are able to dress properly for the occasion. In this article, we present three of the most important pieces of information that you should get before you assemble your attend-a-friend’s-wedding ensemble. Knowing these tips will make sure that you don’t become the odd one out during the event just because you are dressed so differently.

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The Couple’s Colour Preference

Many couples want to immortalize the precious moments of their big day by hiring photographers and videographers. Because of this, they often make requests of their guests to wear a certain colour, and it’s most probably a favourite of the bride.

You really have to take heed of this request because quite frankly, nothing is more frustrating than looking at pictures or videos with a “rogue guest” on the loose. Everyone’s wearing blue but there you are, donning your reddest dress shirt. Not only will you steal the scene, but you will also look very disrespectful to the couple’s request.

Many guests often say that they don’t have this colour and that’s why they just opted for another. That’s a lame excuse really. Remember, the day is special for the ones getting married. So, it should be their preference for your convenience.

You can add the desired colour to your outfit by completing your suit with some accessories, such as a matching tie and socks.
Round the look with a leather bag, such as imedicileather for a classic touch.

The Venue

Many wedding invitations only specify the colour by saying, “Come in anything that you are comfortable with. We just request it to be white or blue.” If you find yourself with only this instruction, the next detail that you should seek is the venue.

Thanks to companies like Wonderstruck Weddings Vancouver, marriage ceremonies can now be performed virtually anywhere: from the beach to a posh garden and even in unconventional spots like cliffs and barns. Specific outfits are appropriate for these places, and you need to be mindful of them. Loafers and a loose button-up shirt are great for beaches. You can get a bit more dressy in gardens and chapels. If you are unsure, you can always look up the venue on the Internet and look for styles that fit them well.

The Time of Day

The time of the event can also have a bearing on your fashion picks. Generally, darker hues of the specified colour are appropriate for the night; the lighter ones perfectly fit the vibe of the day, especially if it’s a bit sunny.

Aside from this, you can also seek information on the reception. What will be served? Is it going to be a formal full-course meal, or is it just cocktails with fun activities? Of course, a more formal ensemble will fit full-course dinners and luncheons. Light dress shirts with matching blazers can do the trick for fun and light cocktails.

Dressing appropriately is a must; this shows respect for the occasion and for your hosts. Hence, looking for and properly interpreting the necessary fashion clues are skills that every modern man must master. Protection Status

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