Is There A Dress Code At The Poker Table?

Is There A Dress Code At The Poker Table?

There has been a lot of discussion about dress-codes at poker tournaments, especially those that are televised. While some, like Mike Sexton, have been quite vocal about their argument for dress-codes there are still quite a few players who believe that the way they dress during a tournament has nothing to do with how they play.

While that may be true, we believe that one should always take the time to look at least presentable.  The obvious exception would be if you are playing online poker at somewhere like slots. At home in front of your computer screen we are allowing you to dress however you want!

Yet here are some reasons why poker players should put in the effort to look good but we will even take it a step further. We will also be providing a few style tips for those who want to step up their overall look but don’t know where to start.

Do It For The Game

This is what Mike Sexton has been trying to say all through the years. Sexton, a veteran play-by-play announcer for World Poker Tour as well as an accomplished poker player, believes that dressing well could help the poker playing industry.

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Of late poker tournaments, especially final games, have become televised. This means that fans and spectators around the world can now take part in the game. Sexton urges players to try and look their best for these appearances. He argues that an additional stream of sponsors could do well for the sport and that a hoodie and bedroom slippers do not exactly inspire marketing confidence from sponsors.

Do It For Yourself

Speaking of sponsorships,  sponsorships bring in a huge amount of revenue for athletes (as it does for any sport all over the globe). The same could happen in poker. Now we are not saying that if all poker players dressed appropriately that sponsors would come flocking in; but it certainly couldn’t hurt the overall image of the game.

Brands are always on the lookout for athletes or personalities to sponsor. If a poker player is skilled enough and is appealing to the masses; sponsors would be all over him or her. Do yourself a favor and allow sponsors to take you seriously by dressing the part!

Style Tips

Since we are a men’s fashion blog (and the majority of Poker players are men) we will be focusing mainly on the guys.


Wear A Suit – Pretty straightforward and explanatory, but if that is not possible, just wear a blazer or sports jacket over a button up shirt. If are even considering of complaining about the button up shirt, you most likely could get away with wearing a 3 button collared shirt (just at least make sure you press it)…  A simple shirt that has been pressed speaks volumes to audiences versus a man sporting a wrinkly button up.

Wear Leather Dress Shoes – You can wear this with a suit or just with a blazer and jeans. If you are opposed to wearing good looking footwear, canvas and leather sneakers can be an option. While we would not be recommending trainers to anyone, even those would be a better option than the flip flops or house slippers that people randomly wear.

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