Guide to the most emotional purchase of your life – your wedding ring

Just finding the right girl and a dream proposal isn’t enough for having the perfect wedding. You need to find out the perfect wedding ring as well. Buying the ring which is “just the right one” can be quite an overwhelming task. It will be a lifelong symbol of your love and commitment to the love of your life. Seeing the very thing should bring a smile to the eyes of your love and that should remain unchanged throughout your lives together. The wedding ring is a testimony of the vow you are about to take to spend your lives as one.

There can be several daunting decisions you need to make before buying the ring, because for many men this will be their first tryst with jewellery shopping. So to make the potential ordeal a pleasant and romantic experience, follow the simple steps that will guide you through.

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How much to spend?

Love has no bounds, but your expenses definitely do. Find a site like Angelic Diamonds to explore a wide range of rings to choose from. Remember, this is probably the most emotional purchase you are going to make in your lifetime. So more than the two-month salary convention you should stress upon the quality, value and choice.

Choosing the right jeweller

Choose of a bedazzling range of wedding rings in different metals, ranging from 9 carat yellow to white gold. It is smart to match the metal of your wedding ring to your engagement ring so that one does not wear the other off. Platinum is a popular choice; however Palladium is the new metal on the block that is catching up fast.

The shape of the ring

It is sometimes a good decision to keep parity between the designs of your wedding ring and your engagement ring; however it is not a must. It is always wise to buy something your girlfriend will love. With some special requests designers can mould a wedding ring around the engagement ring or even cut out a small chink.

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The finish

Just the shape is not enough, it is important to decide how you would like your wedding ring to be. Should it be dazzling and bright, or sombre and matte? Again it is important that your wedding ring be a match for your engagement ring.


This is probably the most important part of shopping for a wedding ring. This is where you add your special message to the ring that sits on your partner’s finger forever.

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