Cape Town London Collection – Mixing African and International Fashion

Cape Town London Collection – Mixing African and International Fashion

African Dreams & International Seams

As a teenager sitting in school I had many classmates who wanted to be doctors, lawyers or soccer players while I would be dreaming of being in my own studio working with a mass of materials and equipment in organised chaos. Moreover, I really wanted to realise my ambitions in the manner of the greats…Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein or  Dolce & Gabbana. The opportunity arose when I studied fashion at the Haute Couture School of Fashion Design in Cape Town but my life took a different course when I was scouted by the Madison model agency of Paris.

Sibu Catwalks For Top Celebrities

Other dreams came true as I worked there and in Milan, walking for top designers such as Emanuel Ungaro and Jean Paul Gaultier. It was all very fast-paced and sexy, like a supercar’s well-oiled engine. Modelling opened many doors and back home I had a moment of clarity which spurred me on to become a stylist and fall back in love with fashion design, this is; when I started my own label Jaded Life. The company became known for its unique line of ‘jazzy jackets’, a different take on the modern dinner jacket with a more distinctive look rendered with the use of vibrant linings, brocade fabrics, nappa finishes and ethnic materials. In moving to London I finally found myself: Jaded has been there for me like a painter’s brush.

Cape Town – London Collection

We are currently crowdfunding via Kickstarter to finance our second, very different collection. There has been a great shift in my designs which reflects a change in my personal life inspired by my surroundings. I live overlooking a quay opposite Canary Wharf around which stream joggers and cyclists while all manner of sailing craft crowd the water as elderly ladies work through tai chi routines in the surrounding parks. I work out every other day and enjoy cycling along the river to Greenwich. I also enjoy walking around the nearby city farm to see the llamas and oversize pigs. Being true to myself, the next collection highlights movement and style, clothes that will have a distinctive tailored cut but also enjoy the comfort of your favourite yoga sweats. My design patterns are ready to go! In supporting us you help to realise a vision that marries high fashion couture and sportswear; help us create healthy sustainable fashions that follow your movement!

Here is the Link to the Kickstarter Project – Sibu’s Cape Town London Collection

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