WellChild – What the Guests Wore

WellChild – What the Guests Wore

Wellchild Helping hands event

Helping Hands Dinner – What the Guest Wore

WellChildMenStyleFashion was at the dazzling Savoy Hotel tonight in London for the WellChild Charity Ball. WellChild is a great charity that helps fund nurses to treat terminal ill children. This is such a worthy cause and men turned up in style to support it. The dress-code was black-tie, and for the English gent, this is what they do best! Many of-course went for the conservative look, but MenStyleFashion was there to catch those daring enough to push the boundaries. The atmosphere was intense, champagne was flowing and the vibe was buzzing. Word was that Will Smith was in the house.

Boundary Breaking Awards For The Best Dressed Male

Best Jacket – The velvet jacket was a favorite of ours rather than just the plain black jacket. But the winner of all jackets this evening went to Olympic gold medalist in shooting, Peter Wilson. He wore and out and loud gold embroidered black velvet jacket. He stood out in the crowd and of course we noticed him for it. Well done and what a pleasure to talk to him. A real gent.

Best Bow-Tie of The Evening

This definitely went to the winner of project cat walk, Christian Siriano the youngest ever project runway winner, who turned up in his boundary breaking gold studded bow-tie. Christian we want more to do with you. Loving the red polka dot one as well.

We Loved The Tartan Trousers!

Yes those trousers are traditional in many ways, but they definitely added flair to the evening. If only more men could wear these.  Now I have a question. Can men wear skirts? MenStyleFashion thinks they can. If men wore more skirts like the Scottish men wore kilts tonight, there would be no argument on this. Not only did they add flair to the evening, they added flare, colour and legs! Lastly there were gold buttons and gold broaches, however these were very far few in between. Such a shame as this really does dress up the suits. Braces were another fabulous accessory. I know that they are often associated with old men, or money making Gordon Gekko, but at these events, why not have fun with them? Amore singers wore skull & cross bone embroidered braces, these were the best boundary breaking braces of the evening for sure.

The English Explorers

LASTLY! The English in the past were known for being explores. What happened? Did they die? At a party like this, rather than just the old classic black-tie dress code , MenStyleFashion says “be the English explorer” . Don’t be afraid to try out new things, explore having fun with tradition – go for colour, go for velvet and for all the accessories we pointed out tonight. There is never a better time than at a party and tonight was not just any party, but the WellChild Charity Ball.

Money Raised For The Event

A whopping £200,000 pounds were raised. WELL DONE TO ALL!!!1

Talks about the evening and how they are getting involved in fashion events to raise money

WellChild Charity Event - Gracie Opulanza



AMORE - Peter Brathwaite - David Webb

David and Peter of Amore styled by MenStyleFashion

AMORE -  British Opera Singers

AMORE –  British Opera Singers

East Enders - Actors, Savoy

Ditch the traditional black tie code and we are loving it

East Enders - Actors, Savoy



Tim Vine - London Savoy, Wellchild

Tim Vine rocking in his suit

Savoy London - Charity Event WellChild



Christian Siriano project catwalk - New York

Christian Siriano winner of  Project Catwalk – New York

WellChild charity event- what the guest wore


WellChild charity event- what the guest wore


Well Child charity event - what the guest wore

Peter Wilson shows his quirky side

Savoy London - Wellchild Charity Event

Loving the red polka dot

Savoy London - Staff uniform


Well Child charity event- what the guest wore

Ben Randall

Well Child charity event- what the guest wore

AMORE performing last night, your suits feel amazing

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