Will Smith – The Power Of Personality Or Fame?

Will Smith – The Power Of Personality Or Fame?

Will Smith - Savoy Well Child noisettes

Will Smith – Backstage at the Savoy

WellChildI have never experienced this before, but what I experienced last night of Will Smith walk into a room and change an atmosphere like he did is  just incredible. Everyone stopped.

MenStyleFashion went to the Helping Hands WellChild’s Charity Event. I don’t know if you have ever been back stage for a big performance, but what goes on behind the scenes in order to deliver a  show to its audience, is just manic. Everyone works so hard to make it the best they possibly can. Last night was no different.  MenStyleFashion was styling the male singers of Amore, photographers were ready in action to capture the celebrities, organisers were running around, and I was writing in the corner. I guess I got caught up in the moment, but I felt it intensely. At these events timing and precision is everything.

Will Caught My Attention

It happened in a matter of seconds, in shock, caught off guard and with no time to think, Will Smith walked into the room. It was as if he had walked straight off the set from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and into backstage at the Savoy Hotel. If only I could describe what he brought with him. He had the same charisma as from the show. We all  followed. It was too exciting not to. He walked straight in, no notice of what had been going on, straight over to Shingai Shoniwa, singer from the Noisettes. Both excited to see each other, both loud, they instantly embraced each other. It was a great image, Will related to Shingai, showing up to see her perform.

What Will Smith Wore

Will Smith was wearing jeans and a denim jacket, double denim is not a good choice in my opinion, he definitely went for the comfortable look. Not the traditional black tie, but the denim tie-dye. His friend wore a stunning blazer which looked absolutely fabulous. MenStyleFashion says – a good, well fitted blazer styles up an outfit to look top-notch like anything. If you are going out and not sure what to wear, but you want to look smart, put on a blazer. Don’t go for a plain blazer, but for pattern one or different materials and definitely go for colour. Unfortunately Will Smith’s body guard didn’t get that memo, he wore a terrible pair of baggy jeans and even an even more terrible grey T-shirt. Such a shame as everyone else had  managed to make the effort.

Will Smith and Gracie

Gracie in her opulent fashion got noticed, as she too couldn’t resist getting in on part of the action. Will loved her dress. He said “I almost wore the same thing tonight. Lucky I didn’t, otherwise that could have got really embarrassing for both of us”. He sweetly gave Gracie a hug and he left with a MenStyleFashion business card in hand.

Kristina Goes West

Gracie Opulanza Dress by  www.kristinagoeswest.com


Will Smith stayed for the whole performance of the Noisettes to see Shingai Shoniwa sing and Dan Smith Play on the guitar. He stood up on the chair to take pictures, he went to the front and took some more and got all the women dancing. He took part with everyone. There is personality and there is fame, Will Smith lit up the whole room. It is incredible how much power he has, he has the ability to make everyone want to participate in what he is doing, and how he makes everyone feel great. There is no doubt that he is a very talented man. From unknown to Fresh Prince, to major movie star and singer. What’s to come next? Visiting a school yesterday in Brixton, perhaps the next President of the US, who knows.

Will Smith - Savoy 2013

Back stage just before the wicked performance

Will Smith - London Savoy

You’re so cool Will but why the double denim

Will Smith - Savoy Well Child. noisettes


Will Smith - Savoy, Well Child


Will Smith - Savoy, Well Child

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