The onset of summers always indicates the starting of a laid-back and relaxed season. Your clothes start giving vibes as if you are off to the beach at any time of the day.

A crucial factor that affects your dressing is also the area you are in. If you are, say in Snellville, Georgia, the summers are dry and hot. The temperature in Snellville hits an average of 20 to 24°C. The beach resort towns of Georgia attract several visitors during this time of the year, especially during June, July, and August.

You can seldom resist the temptation to wear shorts and t-shirts, but should the rising temperatures let down your stylish look? We have got you covered with a range that can help you get rid of your dressing worries in the summers.

Lightweight Fabrics

In general, the best fabric that one can have for tropical weather is lightweight and of natural materials. It can be either linen or cotton.

  • You can feel the weight of the cloth – it should feel light.
  • You can check it under the light – you should be able to see through it. If you can, it is a good choice.
  • Light and natural fabrics dry fast – should help you be comfortable when sweating more.

Another great option can be to opt for a hundred percent wool material. We have a misconception that wool can be suitable only in the winters. But if you can have lighter weaves of wool, it can serve you in the summers too.

When you choose to wear any heavy clothing, they generally cling to your chest after they become wet by trapping your sweat. Thus this makes another layer in between your body and the fabric.

You can choose to have clothing made of madras cotton, seersucker, and poplin, instead of twill, which is used to make your jeans. Instead of going for heavier oxford weaves shirts, you can go for broadcloth cotton dress shirts as they are cooler.

Breathable Fabrics

Your life can be very uncomfortable when you have a high humidity condition combined with high temperatures. It is especially true for the people who do not belong to the tropical regions.

Our bodies maintain a cool temperature by using perspiration. Therefore you must allow the body to have more chance for air circulation and help it maintain the cool temperature. The fabrics that you wear in the hot weather should elevate the chances of airflow through the clothing, and allow the moist air and heat to escape.

A breathable fabric can help you achieve this aspect. The fabrics that trap moisture lead to unpleasant body odours. When you wear natural fibre-made clothing, they allow soaking of the moisture from the skin and evaporate it outside.

Cotton fabric helps your body to breathe easily and is extremely pleasant to wear. The excess sweat can be easily absorbed by them. You can select other natural fibres and linen too, as they also help in the same process. All these fabrics are better than polyesters and other synthetics.

You may also refer to the fact that just because a fabric is lightweight it may not be always breathable.

Get Protection From Sun

It is vital to look stylish in the heat, but not at the cost of getting affected by the sun’s harmful rays. The protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun should be on the top of your list. Your clothing is the most basic form of protection that you can have for this purpose.

The better you can cover your skin, the better protection you can achieve. You can choose long pants over shorts and long-sleeved shirts over your t-shirts to aid this function.

An hour of a walk under the sun can get your head, back, shoulders, chest, and neck to have a lot of exposure to the sun. So you can choose your clothes wisely. If you go for the polo t-shirts, they will not cover your arms. Your upper chest will remain exposed when you opt for short-sleeved henleys.

Therefore, you can opt for t-shirts and long sleeves that can cover the sensitive areas of your body, like the base of your neck. Most important of all, do not forget to add a pair of sunglasses. You can make sure to choose one that compliments your style and not just grab one that you lay your eyes on first.