Many people associate sports nutrition for weight loss with “fat burners”, but this is far from the case. By developing a system for taking certain supplements that directly or indirectly affect the process of fat burning, following a diet, and performing a special training program, you will come to good and stable results. 

Let’s take a closer look at the chemical processes of our body in which the process of losing weight occurs. 

Negative energy balance

The main rule is to consume less than spend. That is, you must create a negative energy balance in which the number of incoming calories will be less than the number consumed. It is worth noting that calories burned to refer to the basal metabolism, the energy we spend in everyday life, and the energy expended in training. Only with a negative calorie balance will the body begin to switch to fat stores! And it doesn’t matter what you get your calories from. Research shows that even eating foods that are generally considered “harmful” but at least not very healthy, but at the same time consume them in the right calorie window for you, you will lose weight. However, this approach (without taking into account the PFC) can undermine your health and in the long term is not a working option. 

Distribution of PFC

There should be enough protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Many diets are based on the elimination or minimization of some nutrients, fat-free, carbohydrate-free, or even protein-free diets (usually based on eating only vegetables and fruits). Such diets will harm your health! Our body needs the full amount of amino acids (the building material of organs and tissues), fats (without them the hormonal system will not work), and carbohydrates, which give us energy for a full life and training. 


For the process of losing weight to be faster and more efficient, it is necessary to increase energy consumption, keep the metabolic rate at a high level and develop muscle mass. Then you will not only lose weight but also achieve that you acquire beautiful outlines and relief. All this will bring you weight loss training. It usually combines medium to high-intensity cardio and medium intensity strength training. 

Sports nutrition for weight loss and special supplements

The same sports nutrition can be used both for weight gain and for weight loss, the whole point is how much and when to use it and how to combine it with diet and exercise. There are also special products developed by manufacturers of sports nutrition specifically for weight loss. We will tell you about the most popular and effective products and supplements. 

What sports nutrition to use for weight loss?

In the first place, of course, are fat burners. Depending on their type, they increase basal metabolic rate, increase energy and workout performance, and decrease appetite. But! Remember those fat burners are only effective in combination with diet and exercise, they will not have any noticeable effect on their own. It should also be borne in mind that some fat burners have several side effects and should not be used for problems with the cardiovascular system, blood pressure, and an unstable mental state. The most reliable are ehp labs supplements. 


L-carnitine can also be attributed to fat burners, but it does not act by stimulating the central nervous system, but by “helping” in the utilization of fatty acids entering the bloodstream during exercise. This is a great product that should be consumed by anyone who wants to lose weight, but only before training. L-carnitine alone will not do the trick. An important advantage of this product is its absolute safety and the absence of side effects. 


BCAAs are essential not only for those looking to gain weight but also for those looking to lose weight. First of all, they help preserve muscle mass by “forcing” the body to use more fat and less muscle. Also, bcaa reduces appetite a little and serves as an excellent post-workout recovery tool.


For those looking to reduce weight, first of all, you should pay attention to the “slow” protein, which will serve as an excellent source of high-quality protein. Slow protein gradually entering the bloodstream prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue. Take protein as one of your protein snacks, two hours before your workout, and no more than an hour after your workout. It is also suitable for off-training days to cover the mandatory protein requirement (calculated individually).

Vitamin and mineral complexes

Since the process of weight loss is in one way or another associated with a restriction in nutrition, and therefore in an insufficient intake of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements with food, vitamin complexes are of particular importance. Taking special complexes for athletes, you will replenish the necessary elements, taking into account your regime. These complexes are specially optimized for the processes of fat burning and mass gain.

In addition to these staples, omega-3 fatty acids, cortisol-regulating drugs, and fat and carbohydrate blockers that reduce nutrient absorption will also help you lose weight. 

By following diet, exercise, and sports nutrition guidelines, you will certainly achieve the results you want!