What You Need For Travel Adventure Across UK Using Your Motorbike

What You Need For Travel Adventure Across UK Using Your Motorbike

Riding a bike can be a fun activity to engage in, and The UK has some of the most amazing landscapes which you can enjoy, especially if you have the chance to ride over long distances across the country. We have put together some of the best tips and things you should consider if you are planning an adventure trip across this beautiful country.

Types of motorbikes to consider for your travel adventure.

Not all motorcycles are made for a travel adventure. Different types are made to suit different purposes and occasions. Travel motorbikes should be able to hit rough terrains and make it throughout any kind of weather, be able to carry and accommodate all your traveling stuff and also have good speeds. Examples of motorbikes to consider during your adventure are:

  • BMW G 310 GS
  • DR Z400
  • Mutt Motorcycles Mongrel 125
  • KTM 390 Adventure
  • Motrac MG50

Why A Motorbike And Not Any Other Mode Of Transport?

A lot of benefits can be enjoyed by using your motorbike during your travel adventure. Some of them include:

  1. Riding on your motorbike has got immense benefits to your health as it positively impacts your mental health.
  2. You can see good sights and have an unobstructed view in comparison to when you travel using a car or by air.
  3. You can easily make stopovers to take beautiful pictures.
  4. You can take time to rest and gain energy for riding the next miles.
  5. You can easily take shortcuts and arrive at the required destination with much ease.
  6. Riding on your motorcycle is an excellent way of meeting new people, interact with them, and know more about places.
  7. You save a lot on gas in comparison to using other modes of transport such as traveling by air or using a car.
  8. You can ride at your own pace.
  9. You improve the strength of your core, improve the number of calories to burn, and strengthen your knees.
  10. You can access most inaccessible places as motorbikes are easy to navigate through.

Essentials while traveling across the UK on your motorbike.

Traveling to the UK on a motorbike is a fun activity, but for you to reap the most out of your trip, you will require to carry along with you some few essentials. We didn’t do it all by ourselves, of course, we have asked the team of fellow travel adventure experts at Malle London, the enthusiast who has even created a clothing and accessories brand specifically for travel adventurers.

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The Essentials You Should Take

  • A map or a good James navigator – You will require a good map because this will determine how you will travel to the UK and guide you on the best routes. A map will also show the distance covered and the remaining distance. It has to be properly covered and water-resistant to prevent damage. The navigator is also vital as it will guide you through even without having to look at the map.
  • Accessories such as an emergency communicator or Bluetooth helmet communicator, to help you navigate comfortably.
  • A repair kit and a toolkit which allows you to make quick repairs on your motorbike such as adjusting the mirrors.
  • An air expressor to fix any tires that may go flat and an air siphon.
  • A rains suit which helps to protect you from rain.
  • A pair of gloves- they should be waterproof.
  • Modular helmet which will help to protect your head and face from injury.
  • A camera to record your travel adventure.
  • A bag pack which you can use to carry water and snacks.
  • Spare bike keys in case you misplace the original keys and a key cover.
  • Comfortable clothing such as cotton t-shirts, silk riding scarves, romper race overall, and eye masks.
  • Expedition-proof backpack to carry some of your travel stuff.
  • Water bottles for storing water you will need during the ride.
  • A tote bag that you can use to keep your frequently used essentials, passport wallets, hurricane dry bags, and a wallet set.


While traveling using your motorbike is a fun experience, you should also be careful as several risks are associated with the same. To minimize associated risks, you are required to plan, be conversant with the terrains of your desired destination, and of course, have the right travel essentials.

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