How To Properly Care for Your Leather Bags

How To Properly Care for Your Leather Bags

Leather is a material that you need to think about if you’re thinking about making a purchase. There are steps to care for it and keep it looking great. If you have a new leather bag, you will want to learn how to properly take care of it before it ends up cracked and damaged like your other bags. A leather bag can be made to withstand regular use with a few simple tips that may help you maintain the quality of your leather bag.

There are different tips that can be used in caring for your bag if you want to get it to look like new and to last for years. If you are planning to purchase a new bag, then you will need to make sure that you know what you are getting into. Von Baer has many leather bags designs to choose from. Leather should be cared for properly so that you can enjoy years of quality usage. Make sure to clean it regularly and maintain its cleanliness, condition, and look.

How to Properly Care for Your Leather Bags

Here are some tips for caring for your leather bags:

  • Know your leather. First, you should know that not all leather can withstand the same abuse. Some bags can be treated more harshly than others. The bags that don’t receive any abuse are more resistant to breakage and tear. Also, some leather bags tend to be very fragile while others can withstand up to more stress and abuse. Always choose a bag based on its characteristics so you can better understand how you can best care for it.
  • Be wary about using protective oils or polish. Second, if you’re planning to use the leather bag often, then you will want to avoid putting any type of protective polish or protective oil on it. These oils may be used to prevent scratches but, when you go to store your bag, they will leave scratches on the leather that is already present.
  • Choose the right leather cleaner. You will need to make sure that you are using the right kind of cleaner for the bag that you purchase. There are a lot of different cleaners that you can choose from and you will need to figure out what is going to work best for your bag. Some cleaners can cause damage to the leather and this can be very dangerous to your bag if you use it incorrectly. Find the right cleaner for your bag and make sure that it does not do any damage to the material that your bag is made from.
  • Be gentle with your bag. When cleaning your leather bag, you will want to avoid rubbing rough surfaces or things such as hard-bristled brushes. Soft cloths will work the best for this type of care because they can easily be wiped clean. Sometimes, you will need to use a gentle brush and to help remove the dirt that is on the bag.
  • Keep your leather bag dry. Another important step in the process is ensuring that your bag is always dry. Any moisture that builds up on the bag can damage the leather and cause it to crack. Even the slightest dampness is enough to cause cracking.
  • Store it properly. When the bag is completely dry, you will want to store it away from direct sunlight and the elements. This is especially important for bags that have handles, zippers, or those that have snaps. Since the moisture from different weather elements can cause them to become wet or soggy, the chances of damage are high.
  • Consider the weight your bag can carry. Since leather bags are durable, you may consider many carrying items in it all the time, which isn’t recommended for small handbags. If you are planning on carrying a significant number of items on it, you may want to consider purchasing a leather shoulder bag. This will allow you to carry the items securely but still be able to do so comfortably.
  • Condition your leather bag regularly. To maintain its appearance, you may want to apply a small amount of conditioner every couple of weeks. depending on how dirty the bag is. Also, you can condition it with special oil if the leather is damaged.

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Final Thoughts

Caring for your bag will require some patience and a little time. Most leather is easily cared for and durable enough to withstand everyday use, but you still need to take precautions to prevent damage and make sure it stays in good condition. Be sure to wipe out all spills immediately to avoid spreading them around. If you worried about your leather bag and the contents getting wet there check out this dry bag guide.

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