Early morning or late night is when you enjoy running. But do you prefer urban, suburban or outdoor activities? Streets, parks, beaches, or mountains? For exercise, for your health and well-being, or performance goals? Whatever your preference, make sure to choose the best headlight for your preferred running style! Shop now!

Did you know?

How to maximize battery life when running at night

Brightness and battery usage are related. For example, setting the headlights to maximum brightness will significantly reduce battery life, while turning the headlights to the lowest setting will help increase burn time.

When you don’t need a lot of light (such as running/walking uphill or on easy trails), we recommend turning your headlights to the lowest lighting setting to save battery power. However, if you need as much light as possible (when running downhill or on technical trails), set it to maximum brightness.

Hokolite led headlights could adjust brightness and lighting power based on available light, maximizing battery life.

How to increase Battery Life?

Brightness and battery use are linked.

When you don’t need much light, adjust your headlamp to the lowest light setting to save battery.

Reactive lighting technology automatically adjusts brightness and lighting power

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What functions should a running headlight have?


Headlamp weight can be divided into lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight. Typically, lightweight models weigh 2 ounces or less without batteries; midweight models weigh between 2 and 5 ounces without batteries; heavyweight models weigh 5 ounces or more without batteries.

Lighting technology has improved so much that even small lights produce a lot of light now, so there is little need to carry a heavier headlamp unless you frequently need very bright light at night or need an incredibly long battery life.

Best Beam for Running

When choosing a headlamp, decide what kind of beam you will need. It is available in two styles– a focused light and a wide beam. A focused beam offers a concentrated light that allows runners to get a clear view. On the other hand, a wide beam is more diffused, increasing the width of light but shortening the beam distance. It works great for lighting up the trail edges, helping to increase the peripheral vision, or reading a trail map.

Illuminate with Lumens

Lumens measure headlamps ‘brightness and offer a fantastic way to ascertain a headlamp’s electric power. The more lumens a headlamp has, the brighter and more powerful it will be. Notice that the most lumen is simply achieved by a headlamp with completely charged batteries. 200 to three hundred lumens would be adequate for path runners while those tackling specialized trails or dark forests may opt for powerful headlamps.

Light Settings

You may want a bright light when hiking at night in dark spaces, but often you don’t need full brightness all the time. Some lights have “dim” settings that are useful in these situations.

You can also look at lights with multiple LEDs; most such lights give you a choice of using one LED or several LEDs at once, which can be great when you need just enough light without blinding yourself or others.

two sources LED headlamp

Rechargeable led headlamp

Hokolite Headlamps generally include two sorts of batteries– single-use vs rechargeable. Traditional solitary-use batteries give electric power to headlamps but many resources are offering rechargeable batteries to deliver peak performance. Rechargeable electric batteries remove the requirement for keeping extra batteries for the headlamp and you will get greater toughness to survive any trail.

The advantage of rechargeable headlights is that they can be recharged multiple times. Not only do you not have to worry about running out of power in your headlights, but most of today’s headlights can charge other devices, and you don’t have to worry about running out of power in some electronic devices that are necessary for life, leading to anxiety and tension.

rechargeable battery headlamp


Durability is always a key consideration for outdoor gear, because you are using headlights in running conditions, you will not only have a strong shock when running, but also sweat, so the material he needs must be able to reach this level, And headlights with poor materials, the consumption of each running will gradually shorten the life of the headlights.

Comfort and Fit

The comfort of your Headlamp will depend on its weight and fit, which should provide adequate support without feeling cumbersome or uncomfortable on top of your head. Headlamp straps should feel secure without being struck.