White Suits for Men – Practicality Versus Style

White Suits for Men – Practicality Versus Style

White Suits for Men

Any man that chooses to wear a white suit gives a clear loud message that you are a person of power, fame, and wealth. Yep as you can see below, from Tinie Tempah to Jonny Depp, the white suit belongs on the stage. Let’s face it even if you’re not, I still think you’re very brave. The only challenge you will have with white is keeping it clean. I love when I see men eating pasta with red sauce in a white suit, very brave indeed. The colour white symbolises purity, hence you mainly see men wear a white suit at weddings.

But what the heck it’s 2013 and men’s fashion needs to understand one thing. Comfort, practicality and style don’t match when it comes to wearing  a white suit. But men you should certainly own one.

Best Shirts to Wear With a White Suit

This is entirely up to you. But generally shirts to wear with a white suit, are your pastel colours, a light pink, grey, peach, blue, or green. If you dare choose pattern shirts that show off your personality.

Stain Versus Pain

If you are going to go for the white suit it’s a colour that stains really easily. Make sure you are prepared to use super technology and cleaning products. Or send your suit to the dry cleaners. Avoid messy eating.

White Linen Suits

This is the perfect summer suit. Make sure your wardrobe, includes those powerful looking white linen suits. It’s perfect for those hot summer days. Miami Vice eat your heart out. Don’t hold back if you’re going to go for it. Then wear white from head to toe. Make sure you have a spare change of clothes somewhere in your man’s bag.

White images by Maria Scard

MarksandSpencers SS15 is all about the white suit




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