If we go by Super Bowl winning stats alone, the New England Patriots will have the most wins with six. But if we look at other teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys are tied for the most with five wins each. The Green Bay Packers have four wins. In all, 14 NFL franchises have won the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady made his 10th Super Bowl appearance

The New England Patriots’ quarterback is going to his 10th Super Bowl. He won the Super Bowl MVP award for the first time in 2002. He will play in his final Super Bowl in 2021 for Tampa Bay. He is a four-time MVP and has won five Super Bowls.

Tom Brady is an inspirational player for older NFL players. Even though he is 44 years old, he is still able to perform well. Although his recent injury has hindered him from throwing touchdown passes, he has not given up on playing. One of his motivations is his wife, Brazilian supermodel Gisele.

Brady’s performance in the Super Bowl was incredible. He helped engineer several touchdown drives and set a Super Bowl stats record for most pass completions with 63. He was aided by his receivers Danny Amendola and James White. Julian Edelman also played a key role in the victory. He caught 10 passes for a touchdown and earned MVP honors.

Aaron Rodgers had his first career 100-yard passing game

Aaron Rodgers threw two touchdown passes and finished 21 of 35 for 251 yards. Green Bay ran for 110 yards on 16 carries led by Aaron Jones. Matt Dillon added 17 carries for 73 yards. Aaron Rodgers completed a nine-yard pass to Romeo Doubs, but it was ruled incomplete by the officials. Doubs had initially caught Rodgers’ deep pass with a headlong dive but was unable to keep control of the ball. As a result, the Packers went into overtime.

The Green Bay Packers are the top team in the NFL. They won 13 of their regular season games. Aaron Rodgers finished third in the NFL Network’s 2022 Top 100 Players list. He earned his first MVP award in 2011 and finished third last season. Rodgers has seven top-six finishes in the poll. Former Packers star Davant Adams ranked seventh among receivers.

Bengals pass protect for quarterback Joe Burrow

There is a serious issue with the Bengals’ pass protection this season. With the league’s second-worst pass defense, Burrow has taken at least seven sacks and was rushed into a rushed throw on 30.9% of his dropbacks this year, according to Pro Football Focus. Last season, the Bengals’ No. 1 overall pick recorded a 63.9 PFF grade while facing pressure. The quarterback’s clean pocket grade has also gone down from 95.9 to 72.1. In addition, he has thrown only a single big-time pass and five turnover-worthy plays. Despite all this, Burrow’s accuracy percentage has decreased from 64.8% to 62.5% in 2022 and his uncatchable inaccurate percentage has gone up from 15.9% to 18.8%.

On the second play, the Bengals faced a blitz from the Steelers, and Burrow struggled. In a first-and-10 situation, Pittsburgh linebacker Alex Highsmith beat Bengals left tackle Jonah Williams and stripped Burrow. The sack was recovered by Cam Heyward.

Stafford looks comfortable starting

Matthew Stafford has had some bad outings this season, but that hasn’t stopped the Rams from being confident in him and giving him a chance to start the Super Bowl in 2022. In fact, the team is considering acquiring Robbie Robinson in free agency after Von Miller left the Rams for the Bills. Stafford reportedly told the Bills’ coaches that Robinson was still available for the team. Now, Stafford has plenty of weapons at his disposal, and he’ll likely be asked about how comfortable he is with his arm.

Stafford looked good in the game against the Lions. The Rams were down six points and needing a TD to win the game, and he came out in the fourth quarter when the team needed it most. Stafford’s throws were perfect for OBJ and Kupp’s 20-yard catch set up the TD for OBJ.

Kupp records two touchdown receptions

Cooper Kupp missed the last Super Bowl three years ago but has grown into one of the Rams’ most important players in the passing game. Matthew Stafford and Kupp have combined for 92 yards in 19 games. If Cooper Kupp catches two touchdown passes in Super Bowl 2022, he’ll become the first player to ever do so.

Cooper Kupp was the seventh wide receiver taken in the 2017 draft. He’s tough and unflappable. He also won the Offensive Player of the Year award. In addition, Kupp was named first-team All-Pro and made the Pro Bowl.