Men In Power – Suits That Empower You

Men In Power – Suits That Empower You

Jamie Foxx - Wearing a suit

The four men I have chosen have one thing in common. They have built a credible reputation in their chosen careers. What do these five men have in common? It’s simple they are very influential men in power. Chosen by you the public in one form or another. So what does these men wear that could inspire you to make sure you look powerful. The classic suit is always a statement of power but defining your own personal touches to it certainly will empower any man and you to lead your way in all that you do.

Power Suits – Why Wear One

Your suit will give out a clear message of who you are. A person who is organised, a mature man of business within your field. A properly-fitted suit is the way forward for feel and comfort. Your only option when buying a suit is that you understand some of the basic rules in doing so. Your suit should influence they way you walk, talk and act. A good fitted suit will make you think taller, approach opportunities with boldness. It will give out a clear message to everyone watching your a man that takes your work place seriously. Just think about these guys below whether they are preaching, acting or singing and representing their political views. They are always well suited for empowering everyone around them.

Don’t underestimate that a suit can make or break a business deal. Or that when you’re trying to convince your point of view that it’s not only you voice they are noticing. I know for a fact where deals have been lost due to the way someone has presented themselves. The rejection was never the content it was the message they gave out by not suiting up. Hence be inspired and suit up sooner than later.

How to Choose Your Power Suit

Take the time to go into credible shops that will guide you regarding your colour, body type and what suit will best suit your daily needs. TOPMAN UK, central London give out free services for styling. Savile Row will certainly get you suited in no time at all. Most department stores also will guide you into the best type of business suit for you. Once you know your suit type then the business is sorted on a visual front.

The tailoring law is that the brands expect you to know your own look. Look in the mirror and role play you in the rocking suit that you want to be seen in. For example with super-slim two-inch lapels and a skinny tie. Go for a  three-inch lapel range to balance you out. To the smaller men, go for a slightly longer jacket and trousers that hit higher in your waist. It extends all the lines and makes your legs much longer.

Make sure you wear decent shoes and a long-sleeved collared shirt. it states to them you’re not here to be walked all over. Tell him or her, you want a 1/2 inch of shirt cuff to show and that you want a slight break in your suit trousers. It may vary from tailor to tailor, but If you give him those exact instructions they at least know you are a man that means business when it comes to buying his suit.

The Three Standard Suit Colours

Grey is huge now just make sure the tone and choice of fabric suits you. Blue is all about being you. The patterns for your third choice of suit can be Herringbones, overchecks or anything that tickles your fancy. Black is a no go for business and day wear. Spend as much as you can as it’s an investment that will carry you from meeting to meeting. Expect to pay between £500-£1,000 in the store and around £100 on tailoring. One thing I would suggest is choose your buttons from another store or even in a vintage shop.I find the store-bought buttons, are often plastic and make your suits look cheap. Try and find buttons with real buffalo horn buttons. Also this adds such a unique detail to your overall suit.

So once you’ve got the suit that fits on your shoulders and sleeves and your trousers are the proper length. Then you are the guy that will empower anyone that meets you head on.

Blue Suits for men and polka dot scarf

Suits-for-men-2013 - Pitti Uomo

Bono - U2 Lead Singer


Joel Osteen - American preacher

Joel Osteen

Tom Cruise - Actor

Tom Cruise Protection Status

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