Works Of Art You Can Wear – PHINOMEN Trainers

Works Of Art You Can Wear – PHINOMEN Trainers

The world of luxury often makes reference to the artisans of Italy and the prestige of ´Italian craftsmanship´, a pedigree which can be applied specifically to the apparel and accessories world. Thanks to the emergence and popularity of the current ´Sport Luxe´ trend, trainers are now being realised as not only fashionable additions to your wardrobe, but more ´little works of art you can wear.´


PHINOMEN is one such emerging premier footwear label which aims to provide a design benchmark for comfort, style and quality. The brand seeks to present a harmonious fusion of technology, innovation and comfort with their manufacturing processes paying homage to the timeless heritage of Italian style and quality.


philipp-puttkammerPhilipp Puttkammer is the brainchild of this selective label, a self-proclaimed sneaker fan who together with this family brand, aspires to combine only the best quality and detail for his contemporary designs. The native Frisian recognised his passion for sneakers at an early age with a strong admiration for the exclusive models that he grew up with throughout the years of his youth. In 2007 he joined his family company which has been an integral part of the sports items and sports fashion field for some 40 years, with the intention of developing his interest in the mail-order division of the business, a goal which he successfully established over the subsequent years before launching his own label PHINOMEN in 2014.

Moving forward to more recent days, August 2016 saw him debut his first mainstream collection, the commercially acclaimed model “PHIsion” which is an eye catching trainer finished in a classic black colourway with co-ordinating gold finished details affording any wearer the ultimate in street style thanks to its premium, classic aesthetic. During its genesis, PHINOMEN invested thousands of hours across a two year development which saw the intricate formation of key details such as braided leather panels and embellished soles to offer a new form of luxury and quality standards.

¨PHINOMEN is the perfect companion for today’s modern individualists and a must have for all sneaker lovers and collectors¨ – Philipp Puttkammer 

The brand looks to re-write the days of the ´sneaker cult´ since its emergence in the 1970´s Bronx where it began as a humble basketball staple before acquiring worldwide status thanks to the Michael Jordan cult of the mid 1980´s and as of more recent, the luxury sport trend of the last several years which has seen a run on popular newcomer models at a greater rate than has ever been achieved before thanks to their fusion of style and luxury associated attributes which are helping to entice a new generation of discerning followers and admirers.


The showcase model of the brands range “PHIsion” is presented in a classical black colourway with golden coloured accents which are embossed into the leather as decorative elements emphasising the premium importance of an alternative, yet valuable look. Seasoned trainer enthusiasts will appreciate the attention to detail that has been spent on these trainers, notably in the sole region which was engineered in collaboration with industry experts to fulfill one of the brands biggest challenges ensuring that everyone achieves the perfect fit.

¨The name comes from my own first name and the Greek letters “PHI”, which later became the figurative mark of the logo in a modified form. I added the English word “phenomenal” as well because I intended for the label to represent luxury sneakers that are “made in Italy” with selective materials and particularly innovative ideas to conform to the current zeitgeist for discerning individualists¨ – Philipp Puttkammer

The trainers feature a host of exclusive manufacturing details such as golden finished leather insoles which have been engineered through extra special manufacturing techniques to bond with the external trainer body by a continuous circular seam, giving the trainers their characteristic look and an aesthetic that is more than comfort – it´s sheer luxury. This creative flair is also utilised in the trainer’s upper body materials which feature the finest dyed calf skin with hand graded and finished detail panels for a contemporary look which acts as one of the visual highlights of the ´PHIsion´ model. The trainers feature additional design details such as reinforced co-ordinating padding on the high top and tongue to offer an unbeatable support for feet under all conditions of wear alongside an optimum climate control to effectively regulate their temperature from day through to night.

As PHINOMEN operate on a philosophy of “Be exclusive, keep it exclusive”, all new models are only available to purchase through its exclusive on-line store at, as opposed to retail concessions or on-line stores for the ultimate in exclusivity.



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