Yakuza Apolcalypse – Meet Takashi Miike

Yakuza Apolcalypse – Meet Takashi Miike

I am at the Sitges Film festival at a press meeting of Yakuza Apolcalypse, a film soon to be released. I am trying hard to get an interview with Takashi Miike the director but failed. But I just could not believe how well dressed he was. I am a huge fan of Asian movies and this one is just hard core.

Japanese cinematic extremist Takashi Miike returns to his gonzo roots with this mind melter that finds room for vampires, gangsters, earthquakes, volcanoes, monsters, martial arts, and even a yakuza knitting circle. Watch your step if you show up late, because the frenzy of bloody carnage that erupts mere seconds into the film will leave jaws on the floor.

Takashi Miike’s Style

When it comes to off screen style what can I say, he knows that his image is important in marketing his movie. Takashi was very comfortable all through out the day interviewing because his style suited his role. So many guys argue that they choose to dress down because they need to be comfortable. It is a stupid myth and one which in 2015 you need to do your research and make an effort in choosing your style.


Whilst being interviewed I noticed that he was very comfortable with his accessories and once he noticed I was shooting he made sure that his personal style was nicely on display. Nothing wrong with that guys. Making an effort at this level is there to get a hold of. Interviews can take a toll so don’t forget to choose your shades.

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