Who is Corin Hardy?

Corin Hardy is an awarded filmmaker and music video director with a recognizable dark, beautiful visual flair that runs through most of his work.

His early career as a special fx monster-maker began in his bedroom and bike-shed, aged 12; he made a number of animations and super 8 films with school-friends who regularly stood in for his cast of zombies, werewolves and slasher victims. Throughout his teenage years Corin gained valuable film set experience in art and costume departments on a variety of film, tv & theatre productions including The Royal National Ballet’s ‘Dracula’ and Columbia Pictures ‘First Knight’.

He recently released a movie called ‘The Hallow’ which is about a family who move into a remote milllhouse in Ireland find themselves in a fight for survival with demonic creatures living in the woods.

Corin is also a man that is very aware how image counts. Look at his style!


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