Zoolander 2 – Menswear Marketing Having A Laugh

Zoolander 2 – Menswear Marketing  Having A Laugh

For those who have not watched Zoolander it is a 2001 American comedy film directed by Ben Stiller and features Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. This film really made fun of the male fashion modeling industry. Since this movie the menswear market has grown rapidly. Since the launch of MenStyleFashion back in 2012, it’s through my impulsive interviews that I have been reporting and learning how male models react and feel about their industry themselves. In all of my interviews I can honestly say that apart from super male model David Gandy, men don’t take fashion that seriously. How are men in 2015 influenced in buying into menswear? For me one way is through comedy and film. What better way to draw attention to Zoolander 2 coming out soon than Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson going to Paris Fashion Week and walking on the Valentino Catwalk. Paris Fashion Week is the best fashion week in the world. Now to get a smile from English editor in chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour, is an epic task for any fashion guru. Why do you think she is smiling?

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Male Models I have Interviewed

Since starting MenStyleFashion I have interviewed some of the finest male fashion models out there. I did this because I wanted to learn how these male models reacted towards fashion weeks let alone fashion trends. What I have noticed in the interviews that these male fashion experts have a much more casual view towards men’s fashion. They are not embarrassed to be open about their lack of knowledge of what is in trend let alone what labels they are wearing.

Last month I interviewed male model Andres Velencoso, he highlighted that fashion marketing for men could never have the same seriousness as for woman. Listen to what Andres has to say about men’s fashion for 2015. He also explains in different parts of Europe each culture has their own way of marketing menswear. Juan Betancourt, male model from Havana Cuba also demonstrates here in my recent interview that being at the top of his male modelling career is about just going with the flow and having fun through out the many campaigns.

Now over the last three years I also have interviewed super model David Gandy. He certainly takes menswear seriously because he has to and it’s his job. David’s message towards guys working out their wardrobe is one worth listening to. You can listen to my many serious  interviews with David.

Now if there was one male model who looks like he takes menswear serious is Ricki Hall. Listen to what he has to say about being one of the world’s top beard and tattoo model. Super cool, super funny and super fun.

Whilst being at Barcelona 080 Fashion recently, I thoroughly enjoyed their casual way of presenting menswear on the catwalk. Desigual certainly presented an atmosphere on the catwalk. Its message was clear, that guys walking on the catwalk were about having a lot of fun. You can listen to male model John Halls explain menswear for him in 2015.

Menswear Marketing Just Have A Blast

In this video the style icon celebrities explain in their own words how they approach menswear generally.  In reality do men follow trends?  Do they give a toss and is it all that serious as fashion magazines make it out to be? Listen to find out.

As some of you may know I have also worked with sport stars who certainly in most cases don’t take fashion seriously at all. Or they don’t have the time or the know how to mix fashion within their sports career. The Greg Minnaar (down hill mountain biker) team certainly show here in this underwear interview how they are frustrated with men’s underwear. But again the fun in this for me is why for now menswear marketing will continue to grow in a casual fun way.

Also sports star and male model Josef Ajram explains in this recent interview with me how he uses menswear fashion campaigns to help build his social media platforms. But in a fun casual way. So to all your guys out there thanks for supporting MenStyleFashion and I can assure you we are all about men dressing well and having a blast and a laugh.

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