I went to my second football match ever last week Andorra versus Wales. I came back very upset and sent out this tweet.

I chose to sit among the crowd to experience what I only can call a sad state of affairs when it comes to Men Style & Fashion. I totally understand that you have to wear your fan base polyester shirt. I totally understand that you are sitting there to support your country. However I don’t understand why men choose to not to make an effort when it comes to casual wear in public.

Football Fans – What Not To Wear?

The men’s gut syndrome is a reoccurring problem among most men. What better place to find a lot of over weight men than at a football game. My goodness this drinking and poor diet fan base trend lurks its ugly head. It shocks me to think that most men love football adore the athletes but seem not to be influenced by how these fine football players look after themselves. How they play hard may drink hard but still look after themselves. I guess it must be that high salary influence that keeps them on their toes. I’ve lived in Britain for many years and being an Ozzie, I totally understand the drinking culture both nations posses. However for me it does not give you the right to come to a match looking sloppy. Wearing shoes that have seen better days. Let alone wearing jeans that don’t fit, too long and belong in the bin.  

 What The Fans Wore In The 1960’s

Have a look at what the guys wore in the 1960’s, I am absolute loving it. Do I need to say anymore? Does a suit worn by sports stars empower a fan let alone a man? Of course it does. Football players are very influential sports role models when it comes to marketing men’s fashion. David Beckham began that trend years ago. My goodness I am sure you’ve all heard of him.

Now Gareth Bale certainly keeps your foot on the pulse when it come to hairstyles. Aaron Ramsey just signed up to a modeling fashion agency. So what more sport style icons do you need to get your lazy fashion attitude into first gear. Lewis Hamilton is a a huge Arsenal football fan check out what he is wearing.

Look around other football leagues and for goodness sake be inspired by these footballers  and make the effort to look good and dress well.


What To Wear At Your Next Match?

  • Bomber jackets are a great start. Make sure you choose the right colour and they are perfect for hiding that man gut.
  • Leather jackets are a great jacket to strut your peacocks feathers about at a football match.
  • Cardigans are super flattering worn under a blazer.
  • Trainers check out what’s out there  that will team well with your fitted jeans.
  • Jeans too big too tight do they fit right?
  • Suit Blazer & Suit jacket what is the difference?
  • Mark Powell sums it up. How not to be a try hard when it comes to dress code.
  • Football suits well check out what we thought who wore it best for their nation.

Lewis-Hamilton---Arsenal-game Cardiff-City-Promotion-1960-07 Kent Curwin 2014 Pleather Jacket Green (2)