Asian Male Models – Obsession for European Fashion

Godfrey Gao in the Louis vuitton

Asian Male Models

The new Asia has been forming for some time now. The most appealing growth, has been in luxury goods consumption. In fact, Asia-Pacific saw a 33.5 percent rise in market growth. So what else are we seeing on our shores of Europe? Is there room in the industry for Asian male models?  YES. The exciting growth of Asian models being seen in Europe is just warming up. I’ve travelled to Asia many times and I love everything it has to offer. An eye opener for me was Asian’s love and obsession of European fashion and design. It’s incredible and infectious to all those around, to see and watch. If it’s one big live European catwalk on our Asian streets you are after, then its your lucky day.

Asian Models To Watch Out For

Godfrey Gao

He has his unique screen name and the title of first Asian spokesperson for Louis Vuitton under his belt. The Taiwanese-Malaysian Canadian model was initially an actor.

Godfrey Gao in the Louis vuitton


Paolo Roldan

His fame catapulted after his nude spread in Vogue Paris. He also appeared in the Givenchy and the Filipino-Canadian is represented by Boss New York.

Paolo Roldan Asian male model


Daniel Liu

He gives rise to the boy-next-door image.  His cheekbones give him a very angular look and he has worked for Ford Models. The Taiwanese-American has been featured in Target and Uniqlo campaigns.

Daniel Liu - DaMan Magazine Asian model


Philip Huang

He is a California-born Taiwanese-American who has been featured in Kenzo, Tommy Hilfiger, and Lord and Taylor campaigns. He is shorter than the average male model at (a still very tall) 6 feet, but the top labels such as Dries van Noten, Valentino, and Gucci love him.

Philip Huang Asian male model


David Chiang

He is the winner of Men Style Fashion stylish man of the year 2012 award, very very prestigious – we say. Is another hot, up and coming Asian model. David is being loved, watched and adored by all labels. With hair like his who wouldn’t want him?!

David chiang - Award winner 2012 - stylish man of the year

It makes perfect sense that Asian models are being shown and used in that top European labels. I thought it was right and fair to show and encourage, that style belongs to all parts of the world. So to our Asian counterparts; be inspired and decide for yourself, what trends you follow this coming winter and new year. Considering Men Style Fashion’s third biggest followers are from Asia. And that David Chiang was voted the “Most stylish man of the year 2012” in our recent competition, we can’t wait to see what lies ahead in Asian fashion, let alone Asian male modelling for Europe.

Dolce & Gabbana -fw2013 Asian Models

Dolce & Gabbana

Vivienne Westwood - Asian Models

Vivienne Westwood

John Galliano - Asian Models

John Galliano

Roberto Cavall Asian Models

Roberto Cavalli

costumenational asian models


Mugler  Asian Models


Moschino Asian Models


9 Responses

  1. RiN RiO

    Despite the trend of world male modeling industry to more spunky manly look of models, Asian male models look a little bit androgynous. Of course, they’re great, especially Godfrey Gao, but on my opinion, they are still not on the highest level.

    P.S. Thank You, Gracie, for a such kind of interesting article!

    • Marissa Dissa

      Androgyny has and always will be in. That’s racist of you to say they are not on the highest level, really?

      • RiN RiO

        You’re completely wrong. I’m not a racist, I have a lot of friends of different nationalities. I said that based on my pretty big professional experience of the costume designer. And believe me, I have a big reasons to say what I think.

      • David

        Rin RiO, androgyny or not, I think we’ll continue to see a growth and expansion into the use of Asian male and female models based on one thing: the luxury market in China is exploding. And the smarter retailers and designers are desperate to make inroads in this market (the second largest for luxury goods in the world, and by 2018 projections, eclipsing the US) not by enforcing western models, but by showing that their clothing looks good on Asian. The ones that do that best are starting to do so early. Your views are just simply out of date.

      • RiN RiO

        Dear David, It’s just really interesting that you see in my answer only what you wanted to see. Actually, I didn’t say that it’s not popular now or introduction of Asian models is not growing now. I just said my own opinion about their look, about how do i see them on the catwalk or in magazines.
        P.S. “Just simply out of date” … tell it to my customers. They still think that I am a good designer and regularly order something new.

    • Laura

      The only one who could be considered androgynous is David Chiang. The others are all tall and have masculine bodies and faces. There’s lots of white models who are more feminine looking than him so I don’t know what are you talking about. These guys aren’t anywhere close to be androgynous.

      • RiN RiO

        Everyone has rights to have their own opinion…So this is your opinion, and that was mine.

  2. Jake

    Dont let obvious supremacist RiN RiO troll you Asians out there. Her views and many like her is the reason why the u.s. media is the way it is. If you have visited any dominant Asian areas, you will see the stereotypes played in propaganda u.s. media is false (OF COURSE).


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