Fedora Hat – The Hattitude Is Back

When we in the hat business engage our fantasy of men’s hats coming back in general fashion, what we picture is the fedora. The fedora hat is the everyman’s hat the true successor to the bowler hat. Snap the brim and let everyone noticing that you mean business.

The name “Fedora” comes from the heroine of French playwright Victorien Sardou’s drama presented in Paris in 1882. She wore the hat style that would become the hallmark of movie tough guys, Chicago gangsters, private eyes, newspaper reporters–in fact by the 1930s, virtually every man who put on a suit of clothes topped it off with a fedora.


If  your grandfather came from either Europe or North America, chances are he wore a fedora. Today, the fedora is, hands down, still the best selling hat for both men and women we’re talking full size hat-not ball caps.



The safari style, a fedora crown with a brim turned down in the front and the back, received a huge boost with the Indiana Jones movies whereIndy’s hat was emblematic of the man. A style that truly can be worn anytime of the year. It just depends on the fabric.


How To Wear The Fedora Hat for 2015

The problem with the every day man wearing such a hat – as is the case with many items of clothing that do not automatically fit into male sartorial norms – is they do not know what to wear the Fedora with, yet pull on a pair of skinny jeans, slim line brogues, plain white t-shirt and black blazer and you have the perfect outfit for the Fedora. You don’t even have to go down the skinny, rock’n’roll look; a sharp suit and tie combination and a good pair of shoes teamed with a Fedora is a great outfit for a wedding or formal occasion. You do not have to don the hat all night but it certainly makes for a far more interesting outfit than simply wearing the required suit.

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  1. The Capatin

    I wear both bowlers and fedoras. My latest “new to me” lids are a 1955 Champ fedora in “as new” condition and a 1970’s Stetson gray bowler that is also in “as new” shape. I have eight bowlers including 3 in black, 1 in navy blue, 2 in dark brown (one has a tan binder and ribbon) and I have a tan bowler with a chocolate brown ribbing and edge binding) being delivered by October 15th. I have 5 fedoras (one is wool) and a custom made hat for me from Northwest Hats in Eugene, Oregon. It should be here by November. I have about 4 caps for casual summer wear and a Panama for the really hot days. (I even have a “dressage” or “Deadwood” low-crown wool top hat for dressier occasions)! I am complimented all the time and enjoy the positive attention that I receive for dressing well. A dress shirt, sports coat/blazer and a hat go a long way toward gaining respect on the street.

    Too many wear a t-shirt and jeans and athletic shoes with white socks (yuck). These, coupled with a camouflage ball cap/”dad hat” makes an adult male look a bit juvenile or like a poor ignorant country bumpkin.

    Grown men need to dress the part.


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