Five Styles That Will Dominate Men’s Fashion in 2016 & Where to Find Them

The clothes maketh the man.’ A statement as true now as it was when it was first written by Shakespeare 400 odd years ago, though ruffs and pantaloons are unlikely to make a return at Paris Fashion Week any time soon. With British men now spending an estimated £13 billion on clothing annually, it’s important to know what styles to be looking out for and where to pick up a bargain.

While it’s officially the time of year where we are forced to bundle up, why can’t we look good while staying warm at the same time? Whether you’re shopping for a flash new parka to hit the slopes with a bang or a great pair of shoes to get your run on, we got you covered.

Astrid Andersen - Luxury Wools, Denims Linton Tweeds (18)

Trendy Sneakers

Although you might not intend on using these for running, a comfy pair of all-purpose trainers are a must for the modern man. Up your sneaker game and invest in a pair that can easily go from the park to happy hour without a thought. Add a pop of color and carefree style to go with your civvies.

Black Leather Slip-On Van

The sleek black leather and easy slip-on style makes this a champion of sneakers. You can easily go from casual Fridays to afternoon outings. The beauty of this type of shoe is that you can either dress them up, or dress them down, dependent on the occasion.


Get Your Run On

Nike takes first place with this epic vibrant blue on black running shoe. Whether you’re running weekend errands or sprinting to beat your personal best, fitness has never looked so stylish.



Outer Gear

This season, guys are kicking things up a notch with fur-lined hoods, longer topcoats while sporting hues of rich browns and navy with deep tweed. J.Crew Vintage Navy Blue Winter Coat

With a fur-lined hood and Sherpa lining, this military-inspired coat will keep you warm and toasty. Seriously, you won’t want to take it off even when you get inside.



Love for Tweed

Cool has no age, and when it come to the Boss winter coat, our love of a fabric as well aged as tweed only increases. The trim fit combined with the salt-pepper textile helps modernize this overcoat while maintaining its classic element. Vintage modern in the truest sense. Or just showcased at LC:M two days ago this tweed bomber inspired jacket.


Tweed jacket by Boss

Chinos Have Made a Comeback

Thankfully, chinos are no longer associated with that horrible school uniform you were forced to wear as a boy. With slimmer fit and eye-catching colors, you can go from work to buzzing around town with ease. Roll up those cuffs, throw on a pair of your favorite Chuck Taylors or Vans and you’re off.

Scotch & Soda Chinos

Scotch & Soda Chinos

Keeping Time in Style

Did you know that the watch you wear says a lot about you and your personal style? Aside from practical reasons, the right watch adds just a little something and makes a statement seem effortless.


Large Check Stamped Bracelet Watch by Burberry

Welcome To The Denim Jungle

Who says you can only wear lighter-colored denim in the spring and summer? When did you follow the rules anyway? Think weekend outings, Sunday brunches and weekend getaways. Now, there are times when you have to go with a darker denim. Dress-down Fridays and business casual meetings call for dark denim to pull the look together and look polished. The one rule you must never break is how well your jeans fit. Throw out anything that says baggy, relaxed or boxy. You usually can’t go wrong with straight leg or slim fit.


Vintage Slim Fit Jeans From Topman

You have the tools, now go out and let the world take notice. You should always be conscious of how you buy your clothes. The world of fashion is a fickle one and be sure to shop sensibly. The great news is you can find all the items in the list online and also when you shop locally. We think it is better to support your own high-street as it is key to ensuring that those who work across all levels of fashion are supported.