3 Fitness Hacks for Men With A Busy Lifestyle

3 Fitness Hacks for Men With A Busy Lifestyle

A hectic lifestyle is often unavoidable – but prioritizing your health and fitness is unavoidable, too. In order to keep up with your busy schedule, your body and mind need to be best equipped to tackle anything life throws at you. Here’s how.

Plan a Fitness Retreat

Even if you have an exceptionally busy day to day schedule, chances are you still make time for at least one vacation a year. Opting for a fitness retreat means you get the best of both: a relaxing, scenic holiday whilst also having the opportunity to care for your fitness and health through boot camps and health-focused activities. This can be perfect for those who feel as though their fitness has been neglected due to a busy lifestyle, and a fitness retreat offers an opportunity abroad away from all usual distractions.

With an Ultimate Fitness retreat, you can pick your ideal location for the Bootcamp to be based in.

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Exercise on the Job

If you simply can’t pinpoint a set amount of time you can reserve in which to dedicate for exercise, then exercising on the go might be the best option. It’s surprising how easily better fitness practices can be fit into a hectic schedule.

If you travel frequently for work and find yourself staying in various hotels, why not take exercise equipment which you can make use of in your room? This could be weights or a fitness rope – anything you find suitable. Or, if you’d prefer, try choosing an accommodation which has an onsite gym which you can make use of while you’re away from home.

If you work in a busy office or at a desk, try certain exercises you can do while in your chair, such as leg lifts and stretches.

Or, take a walk for ten minutes during your lunch break. If your career sees you on the phone a lot, walk around whilst you’re talking, or use loudspeakers so you can move around whilst you’re holding the conversation. Even a small lap around the office will make a difference!

Combine Exercise with Down Time Habits

If your busy schedule sees you wanting to hit the couch rather than hit the gym, better fitness doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your hobbies or how you like to spend the free time you actually do have. Try and think creatively how to combine the two: if there’s a particular TV show you like to watch after a demanding workday, why not set up home exercise equipment which you can use in front of the TV, such as a treadmill? That way you can position it to workout whilst you’re watching.

It can often seem impossible to have a set fitness routine with a demanding and busy lifestyle. However, the absence of a set routine doesn’t mean that you can’t fit in great fitness habits wherever possible. Even if it’s in between work and busy tasks, as long as you are taking the right steps to be more active, it doesn’t matter how or where you fit it in.

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